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Scotts Hill High School Hill Billets 1932 




Troy Mitchell

Earlis Scott
Vice President

Lela Chumney



Lester Allen

Oeda Bright

Odell Buck

Bertha Gathings


Glathan McPeake

Gollen Flatt

Henry Harrington

Hazel Goff


Leo Kennedy

Woodrow Harrington

Johnnie Helms

Clifford Montgomery


Grace Jones

(photograph missing)

Cecil Stanfill

Violet Moody

Clyde Rhodes


Mae Taylor

Woodrow Rimmer

Enlo Rimmer

George Teague


Fred Roberts

Elco Kennedy

Coy Laster



  The present Junior Class came as Freshmen to S.H.H.S. July 25, 1929. On that day our class numbered fifty-four, and was composed of students eager to make great achievements. We soon felt the need of organization, so the Juniors affected a union which three years of high school life have been unable to dissolve,

  There are thirty-four of the fifty-four enrolled in 1929 still striving to reach the summit of human worthiness. Our class has decreased in number because some have moved to other sections of the county, and some have fallen by the wayside, as is always the case; but we are proud of the fact that some of the most brilliant and original students of S. H.H.S are to be found in the Junior Class.

  We have worked constantly and earnestly to be a valuable asset to our dear old school, and these are the things that characterize our worth; our superiority in athletic feats; our untiring efforts and laudable achievements in the literary activities of the school, and the unique school spirit always prevalent in the Junior Class, which spirit is so essential to all schools that are endeavoring to equip boys and girls with knowledge and characters.

  Our class has passed three milestones of its high school pilgrimage during which time we have had various experiences, but all past events dwindle into obscurity with future possibilities looming before us as they do.

   Within each Junior lies a firm determination to make use of present opportunities and thus prepare for future responsibilities. We attribute a great deal of our ambition to go onward to the continuing excellence of our teachers.

  We fondly anticipate the transition of our class name from "Juniors" to "Seniors," and are determined to be, on the day of our graduation, superior to any class. S.H.H.S has ever known.

  Oh! May we be worthy examples for those who follow us here.

-------Earlis Scott  


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