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from the photograph collection of Wanda Tillman Maness

These pictures were made in 1960 of the Sunday School classes that were taught at the Davis Church.  The church building was the former Davis School House.  Walt Wyatt and Grady Milam Carver appear in the pictures below as well as one made about 1915 of the Davis School House.  They both lived within one mile of the Davis Church.  Several of the children shown are descendants of the members of the Davis School House class shown in the 1915 picture.

(Identified men) George Tillman, Rome Currin, Ambrose Carver, Carl Butler Jr., Gordon Tillman,
Walt Wyatt, Connie Bartholomew, Eston Tolley
(Women, left to right) Nora Wyatt, Geneva Tillman, Irene Moore, Mary Etter Tolley


Jerry Harrington, Jackie Blackstock, Jerry Butler, Mary Lynn Butler, Diane Smart,
Dorothy Brawley, Betty Butler, Janice Morgan, Linda Tillman, Grady Carver


Myrtle Tillman's Sunday School Class: (back) Barbara Tillman, Unidentifiable, Jean Morgan,
Larry Butler, Betty Broadway, Terry Broadway,
Linda Brawley, Fonda, Jackie Blackstock,
Vance Morgan, Donnie Blackstock, Judy Harrington, Ronnie Blackstock,
(front) Shirley Tillman, Betty Butler, Emma Tillman, ? Ramey


Tom Tillman's Sunday School Class:
Unidentified, Unidentified, Larry Bartholomew,
Tom Tillman, Dalton Tolley, Unidentified, Raymond Smart,
Libby Brawley, Patricia Harrington, June Harrington, Betty Blackstock

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