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Old Perryville Very Much On The Map

April 28, 1922, Lexington Progress

The historic town of Perryville on the ‘Noble Banks of the Tennessee,' while no longer a county site, as it was in the early days of the county of Perry, is a very live business town.

The town has two good dry-goods stores, four groceries, one blacksmith shop and garage, one excellent hotel, one local produce business and in addition, the C.H. Holcomb Produce business of Lexington and the Porter Holcomb Produce business of Parsons but at that point.

 Perryville also has a bank, the Bank of Perryville, of which Mr. W.R. Dennison is cashier and book-keeper. The Bank of Perryville has grown over 300 per cent in volume in the past three months. The capital stock is $12,5000.

One of the important businesses of Perryville is the fact that it is at a distributing point for the Standard Oil Company, of which W.R. Dennison is agent. The business of this concern amounts to the sale and shipment of about 27,000 gallons of oil and gas per month.

  During the past winter and spring including the months of December and March, 68 carloads of hogs were shipped from Perryville and the sum or $268,000 [sic] was paid out for hogs.

The enormity of the poultry business is shown in the fact that on the 10th, the Bank of Perryville paid out $1,950 on checks for poultry and eggs.

Perryville has long been a great cross-tie center and when the late rise came in the Tennessee river 40,000 ties had to be moved to save them, these ties representing a value of from 35 to 53 cents each.

The old William Stout place on the hill to the right, coming out the Lexington road, there is a sugar pear tree known to be 76 years old. The aged tree was pruned to the body this spring and is coming out handsomely with the promise of a further lease on life.

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