yesterday's tennessee

Yesterday's Tennessee

Smoke Houses

from the collection of Mary V. Moore


Kenny and Alta Myracle Smokehouse (1986)

Izzy Hayes Camper Smokehouse (1986)

Ben Hays Smokehouse (1986)

Jessie Myracle Smokehouse (1986)

Roy Moore Smokehouse (date unknown)

Note: In 1986 there was a statewide effort to photograph buildings which were more than 50 years old. Mary V. Moore undertook this job in Decatur County. Some of the photographs shown above came from her first rolls of film. She did not get the proper number of views in sequence in her first photographs and reshot them shortly thereafter to send to the state. The complete series includes more than 5,000 photographs of more than 1,700 structures, plus a few cemeteries. The photographs are available at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

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