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Yesterday's Tennessee

Decaturville Music Class - circa 1905

from the collection of Mary Elizabeth Partin

Nina Stout Music Class

first step: Nina Stout - music teacher, Lessie McMillan, Willie Blount, Sallie Austin (Brown)

second step: Nettie Smith, Verna Austin (Partin), Rube Smith

porch: Clara Fisher, Clyde Striegel, Nelle Caiden, Bess Fisher

Mary Elizabeth Partin would like to confirm the names of the people in this picture. If you can help, please contact her at

Nina Gertrude Stout was the daughter of John H. and Sarah Reeder Stout. She married James Logan McMillan in 1907. She was a music teacher and organist at the Decaturville Methodist Church. James Logan McMillan was a physican in Decaturville. Nina was the grandaughter of William Stout who came to Decatur County from Scotland and was a successful local merchant.

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