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Sulphur Springs Resort, Bible Hill, early 1900s

from the collection of Brenda Kirk Fiddler

Sulphur Springs Resort, Bible Hill community, Decatur County, early 1900s

The young man standing next to the horse is believed to be Herbert Fiddler, who owned this photo. The pavilion shown may have been the last structure standing on the grounds. The James K. Pettigrew family owned and operated a general store, cotton gin and the hotel where people would go to picnic, for barbecues and to drink the sulphur waters, the best according to the notice in The Lexington Progress (January 26, 1906): "To lease or rent, the well known Sulphur Springs, Decatur County, 4 1/2 miles from Parsons. Good two-story residence and conveniences and the best sulphur water in the state. - J. K. Pettigrew, Parsons, TN.

Lillye Younger in The History of Decatur County Past and Present gives a glimpse of the Sulphur Rings Resort operated by J. K. Pettigrew.

August 3, 1888 The Headlight (Decaturville, Tennessee)

Published by Will Brawley and Hugh Pettus

[Decatur County Newspaper published in Decaturville, TN for a short time. The name of "W.T. Logan" is handwritten at top of newspaper, indicating that the newspaper was mailed to him.]

"The Headlight will advocate the principles of the Democratic Party and will be a zealous friend to the toiling masses."

Local Items

There are about a dozen paupers in our county poor house.

Give Decatur County the Midland Railroad and open up the iron resources and she will be one of the foremost counties in the state.

There will be a grand barbecue given at Sulphur Springs on Beech River.

While in town, call at C. P. Dennison's livery stable and see an exhibition one of Jones' wagon beds. Cost-$4.00

July 24, 1903 Lexington Progress

Back Again

The above words imply that we have been away. Yes, we have had another outing again to the famous old watering resort, Sulphur Springs. On this, our second trip, we came in contact with the same good treatment and genial hospitality as on our former visit. We found Mrs. L. J. Parker and children of Wildersville and Mrs. Cason of Jackson there. Mrs. Cason is the mother of our former pastor Jim Cason. These ladies, together with our better half, who had preceded us, we found cheerful and entertaining, with a little tinge of the mischievous now and then, but notwithstanding our usual timidity, we got along very well. Our landlady, Mrs. Applebly, was on hand lending sunshine to the general good time.

On Monday morning last, seated in a surrey behind a splendid team sent out for us from Parsons by Mr. Pettigrew, we took in the fast growing town of Parsons. Here for one day, we were guests of old friends, Dr. Rains and family, who know just what it takes to make one feel at home. In the afternoon we had an invitation to dine at 6 o'clock with the Tulane Hotel management run by Mrs. Sears and Capt. Powers, with Mrs. Babe Doherty, Mrs. Goodlow, Dr. Rains and lady and your scribe and wife as invited guests. Here we met Mrs. Miller of Cerro Gordo, a very pleasant lady. Allow me to say and say right here that the menu was in every particular first class variety and the epicurean art is certainly understood as verified by the elegant display put before us.

These good people merit unbounded success. We are obligated to them for the kindness shown us. The next morning Mr. Burke, president of the new Bank of Parsons and the Phosphate mogul, called for us and drove us about the city showing us some fine hogs, then to gravel pits and other places of interest. Our visit to Parsons was in every way a pleasant one.--C. R. Scott

January 19, 1906 Lexington Progress

To Lease or Rent

The well known Sulphur Springs, Decatur County, 4 1/2 miles from Parsons. Good two-story residence of convenience and the best sulphur water in the state. -- J. K. Pettigrew, Parsons, Tennessee

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