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Dinah Bowman Harris

First Pentecostal Church of Lexington, Tennessee, had its beginning in July, 1953. Services were held at the American Legion building during construction of a basement on the property that had been purchased on Natchez Trace Drive. In December, 1953, they moved into their newly finished basement, which was the first phase of the building program.

Bro. & Sis. Carlos Holland were the founding pastors. Other pastors have been: Bro. W. D. McCollum, Bro. Henry McCrury, Bro. W. F. Tines, and Bro. Earl Jones. During the tenure of Bro. W. D. McCollum, an auditorium was built over the basement.

In December, 1972, the present pastor, Bro. Bobby Beecham, along with his wife and five sons, assumed pastorate of the church.

In 1976, a two-level addition was built on the church which added approximately 2,800 square feet of needed room. Again, in 1982, another 3300 square feet were added; much of the old building was remodeled. Another remodeling was done in 1995, in addition to a large foyer and drive-through being built. Adjoining property was also purchased with expectation of needing a larger auditorium in the near future.

Lexington Christian Academy had its beginning in the fall of 1987, and was housed in the church facilities until a building was completed in 1991. We are thankful for the wonderful students we have had these past ten years, and for the dedicated workers who have made L.C.A. what it is today.

God has richly blessed the First Pentecostal Church of Lexington.

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