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from Brenda Kirk Fiddler, ed., W. V. Barry's Lexington Progress 1884-1946

Brenda and Charles Fiddler, Lexington, Tennessee, 1995


Lawler's Big Ten, Lexington, Tennessee, August 3, 1922. Left to right: Robert Wilson, 255, Delvy Derryberry, 277, John Douglas, 310; Wilse Buck, 288, W. H. Dennison, 260; Walter Wright, 277; W. H. Ross, 250; W. H. Lancaster, 250; T. A. Lancaster, 236; Pete Pearson, 258.
Total Weight 2661 pounds.

August 25, 1922: The Big 10:

On election day (August 3rd), W. A. Lawler, proprietor of the Elk Pharmacy, Lexington, Tenn., assembled ten of the largest men to be found in Henderson County (their total weight being 2,661 pounds or an average of 266 each, the heaviest 310 and the lightest 235 pounds), and had their photographs made. Mr. Lawler had applied for a registered trade mark to the U.S. Patent office in Washington on this picture, entitled, "Lawler's BIG TEN" Flesh Builder and Iron Tonic. He will use this design on his label for this tonic, also on the circulars and newspaper advertising. Judging by the way this tonic is selling in this county, state and five other states, he believes that in a few years, it will be one of the biggest selling patent medicines in the entire United States.

The Last of the Big 10


Last of the Big Ten about 1950. Judge W. H. Dennison, Walter Wright, and W. H. Lancaster.
(Photograph by William Arnold)

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