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The bank of Darden was established in 1913 and operated into the 1930s when it was closed by federal bank regulators. L. B. Moore and W. O. Hill were the bankers. The bank was located across the road from the stores in Darden. In 1986 the old bank building was in ruins.

December 5, 1913
Lexington Progress
The Bank of Darden; Eighth Bank for Henderson County Organized with Capital Stock $12,500

Secretary of State R.R. Sneed has granted a charter for the Bank of Darden, said charter having been applied for by Messrs. F.J. Bray, S.G. Parker, W.A. Smith, W.O. Hill and H.P. Webb, all citizens of the Eastern part of the county, except Mr. Webb, who is a resident of Milan, and who organized the bank at Luray, the seventh bank of the county. The new bank capitalizes with $12,500 and has ample backing in the persons of several citizens of the Darden section and whose names are not among those of the incorporators. Darden is a good business point, representing one of the most fertile sections of the county. Asa Davis, former County Court Clerk, and a brother of Esq. C.C. Davis, Cashier of the Bank of Lexington, the pioneer bank of this town and county, has already been selected as the cashier and active business man of the new bank, will which will begin business as soon as possible.

The following is a statement of the condition of the Bank of Darden at the close of business May 5, 1922. The statement was published in the May 19, 1922, issue of the Lexington Progress.

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