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from clippings saved by the late Elsie Johnson.

Miss Janice Frizzell Will Pledge Her Vows At First Baptist Church
Lexington Progress
No Date, Probably 1958 or 1959

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Frizzell announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Miss Janice Fay Frizzell, to Bobby Joe Garner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elbert J. Garner of Lexington.

The wedding will be solemnized April 6 at 10 in the morning at the First Baptist Church.

Miss Frizzell is a graduate of Lexington High School and attended the University of Tennessee at Martin. She is now employed by the Southern Bell Telephone Co.

Mr. Garner is a graduate of Lexington High School and is associated with Holcomb-Porter Co.

No formal invitations will be sent for the wedding. Relatives and friends are invited to

Miss Brooks Wed To Mr. Blankenship
Lexington Progress
July 9, 1959

Miss Jean Yvette Brooks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Brooks, became the bride of John Alvin Blankenship in a ceremony at the First Baptist Church June 21.

The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Blankenship of Middlefork.

The Rev. E. E. Deusner officiated using the double ring ceremony.

The vows were exchanged before an altar of greenery and floor baskets of white gladioli and white stock.

A program of nuptial music was played by Miss Flossie Melton Ball, pianist and cousin of the bride. Preceding the ceremony she played "O Promise Me" and "Liebstraum." During the ceremony "To A Wild Rose" was used. The traditional wedding marches were used for the processional and recessional.

The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a dress of white eyelet embroidered cotton. The fitted bodice was styled with a square neckline and cap sleeves. The skirt was bouffant with a street-length hemline. She wore a white feathered headband and matching white accessories. She carried a white Bible crested with a white orchid with white shower ribbons.

Mrs. Gordon Rhodes of Savannah attended the bride as maid of honor. She wore a beige cotton with matching accessories. Her flowers were a white corsage worn at her shoulder.

Gordon Rhodes of Savannah attended the bridegroom as best man.

The bride's mother wore for her daughter's wedding a green silk shantung with white accessories and a corsage of yellow glamelias.

Mrs. Blankenship, mother of the bridegroom; wore a navy dress with matching accessories and a white glamelia corsage.

Mrs. Coy Stewart, maternal grandmother of the bride, chose a cotton dress in toast color with white accessories and white glamelia corsage.

Mrs. Cleo Brooks, paternal grandmother of the bride, chose a beige lace with matching accessories and a corsage of red carnations.

Following a wedding trip the bridal couple are making their home with his parents.

[line(s) missing in original typeset] ...for the table's centerpiece. White candles in silver holders were used on the sides of the flower arrangement and the appointments were in silver. Magnolia blossoms and leaves graced the buffet.

Miss Evelyn Bobbitt of Memphis, sister of the bride-elect, served individual ice cakes and Mrs. James A. Bobbitt, the honoree's sister-in-law, poured the chilled punch. The guests served themselves cheese, dates and salted nuts.

Mrs. Virgil Stewart of Jackson and Mrs. Varnel Sheppard assisted in the dining room hospitalities.

Meredith and Martha Bobbitt of Memphis, nieces of the honoree, kept the guest register.

Miss Chalk wore for this party a black sheath with a black and white jacket.

Attractive and colorful arrangements of summer flowers were used to decorate the reception rooms where the guests were received.

In the bridal contests, Misses Carole Moore Davis and Jeannine Jarrett were winners.

The dining table was overlaid with a white cloth and had for its center arrangement a miniature bride and bridegroom.

The honoree received an array of lovely gifts. The hostesses gifts to her were pajamas and matching brunch coat.

For refreshments individual iced cakes, nuts and fruit punch was served.

Colored News
Lexington Progress
Date Unknown, Late July/Early August 1959

Miss Mary Lou Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson, became the bride of Adell Teague, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Teague, on July 20. The Rev. Edwin E. Deusner performed the ceremony.

Mrs. Elizabeth Buck of Old Decaturville Road gave a shower Saturday evening in honor the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Adell Teague.

Colored News
Lexington Progress
September 17, 1959

A surprise wedding occurred Saturday night. The couple were Murray Flake and Miss Lena Easley. They were happily married in the bride's sister's home, Mrs. Frances Massey. Presiding Elder G. C. Jenkins performed the ceremony in the presence of several friends. Congratulations and best wishes to them.

Colored News
Lexington Progress
Date Unknown, Late August/Early September 1959

Congratulations! Miss Ruby Jewell Carver, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Carver, on her recent marriage to Priest Ellis, Jr.

Congratulations! Miss Josephine Thomas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Troy Thomas, was married to Robert Smith of Henderson on Saturday at St. Paul Baptist Church. Rev. J. L. Burkley performed the ceremony.

Colored News
Lexington Progress
Date Unknown, Probably November 1959

Mrs. Georgia Johnson was married to Robert Lee Hodge Thursday night in her home on Madison in a ceremont performed by the Rev. J. C. Cleaves. Congratulations and best wishes to them

Colored News
Lexington Progress
December 17, 1959

Congratulations! Miss Arnell Carver, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Carver was married Wednesday to Halbert Campbell, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Esaw Campbell.

Colored News
Lexington Progress
Date Unknown, Probably June 2, 1960

Congratulations! Miss Hessie White was married to Tommy Joe Mitchell last Sunday. The Rev. J. C. Cleaves performed the ceremony. A long and happy life is being wished for them

Congratulations! Miss Carolyn Taylor, daughter of Mrs. Mayrene Taylor on your recent marriage to Blondell Thomas, son of Mr. and Mrs. Troy Thomas. A happy life is wished for them.

Colored News
Lexington Progress
Date Unknown, Probably June 1960

Miss Lurline Savage, a prominent teacher of Merry High School of Jackson, was married Sunday to L. C. Riley of New York. Among those attending the nuptials from Lexington were Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Beasley, Mrs. Eula Mae Kennedy, Mrs. Etta Cathey, Mrs. Laveria W. Flowers, Mrs. Addie Harmon, Mrs. Anna Lee Kirby, Mrs. Lucille Kizer, and Mrs. Mary J. Wadby, and Mrs. Garland Wadley of Nashville.

Colored News
Lexington Progress
Date Unknown, Probably July 7, 1960

[Note: This appeared after the June 9 issue and before the July 14 issue.]

Congratulations! Miss Ruth Laster the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Laster was married last Sunday to Samson D. Myles of Chicago. A long and happy life is wished for them.

Colored News
Lexington Progress
August 18, 1960

Mrs. L. V. Williams has returned from Chicago after her sister, Mrs. Dera Hudson. Mrs. Williams attended the wedding of her niece, Miss Rosemary Easley of Champaign.

Colored News
Lexington Progress
November 3, 1960

Congratulations to Miss Georgia Watson the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Kizer, who was married to Joe Henry Stanford, the son of Mrs. Blondell Stanford, on last Monday. Judge Clyde Reeves performed the ceremony. A long and happy life is wished for them.

News of the Colored
Lexington Progress
February 8, 1962

Congratulations: Miss Mozelle Yarbro, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Yarbro, on her marriage to Reuben Buck, the son of Mrs. Alice Buck. The marriage was solemnized at the St. Paul Parsonage Saturday with Rev. J. L. Burkley performing the ceremony. Reuben is employed at A & I State University. A happy life is wished for them.

Shower Honors Bride-Elect
Lexington Progress
April 5, 1962

(from back side of clipping)

A bridal shower honoring Miss Sue Cobb, of Jackson was given by Mrs. Jimmy Hillard and Mrs. Bobby Cook recently in the home of Mrs. Hillard at Jackson. Miss Cobb is the bride elect of Delbert Norris Maness of Darden.

The shower was enjoyed by all. Miss Cobb received many nice and useful gifts for which she thanked each one personally in her graceful manner.

The hostesses served cake, salted nuts and Cokes.

Betty Carol Bailey

Betty Carol Bailey To Wed March 2
Source Unknown (not Lexington Progress)
Handwritten Date February 1963

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Riston Bailey of Lexington, Tenn., announce the engagement of their daughter, Betty Carol, to Thomas Cary Beane of Verona and Tupelo, Miss. Both are students at University of Mississippi.

Miss Bailey's father, a lumberman, was formerly mayor of Lexington. Her grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Greene Bailey of Lexington and Mrs. Ethel Overman, and the late Mr. Charlie Overman of Scotts Hill, Tenn.

Miss Bailey is a graduate of Lexington High School. She was chosen "Sweetheart" of Castle heights Military Academy.

Mr. Beane is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Frank Beane. Mr. Beane is a retired cotton broker. His grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Gary Beane of Verona and the late Mr. and Mrs. Tom Strong of Fayetteville, Tennessee.

The groom-elect attended prep school at Chattanooga, graduated from Mississippi State University where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in business administration and engineering and is now enrolled as a second-year law student at University of Mississippi. He is a member of Sigma Chi, Mississippi State's "M" Club, Yuletide Revelers, and is a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army Reserve.

Their wedding has been set for March 2 at First Baptist Church, Lexington.

Bobby Beecham To Claim Hand Of Diane Graves
Lexington Progress
May 31, 1960

(on reverse side of clipping)

Mr. and Mrs. Otis Graves of Parsons announce the approaching marriage of their daughter, Diane, to Bobby Beecham, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Beecham of Huron.

The vows will be exchanged at 7:30 Saturday night at Iron Hill Pentecostal Church near Parsons. The Rev. Reeder Graves, brother of the bride, will officiate.

Miss Graves was graduated from Parsons High School. Mr. Beecham attended Lexington High School and is employed in Dyersburg where they will make their home.

Blankenship-Cagle Vows Exchanged
Lexington Progress
May 31, 1960

(on reverse side of another clipping)

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Blankenship announce the marriage of their daughter, Miss Jewell Faye Blankenship, to Raymond Cagle, son of Mrs. Ervin Cagle and the late Mr. Cagle.

The marriage took place April 28 at Florence, Ala. They were attended by Miss Donna Hunt and Dan Hinson of Jackson.


Miss Barbara Wilson Becomes The Bride of Jerry Rhodes
Lexington Progress
February 15, 1962

(found on the reverse side of clipping)

Miss Barbara Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson became the bride of Jerry Rhodes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge Rhodes on Saturday, Feb. 11.

The vows were exchanges in the sanctuary of First Bap-... [remainder missing]

Dr. John Holmes Claims The Hand Of Helen Patton
Lexington Progress
Date Unknown, Mid to Late July 1962

(found on reverse side of clipping)

In a beautiful ceremony at the Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis, Miss Helen Elizabeth Patton became the bride of Dr. John Pierce Holmes.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Newton Patton of Memphis and Dr. Holmes is the son of Mrs. John Pierce Holmes and the late Mr. Holmes of Lexington.

Dr. Henry Edward Russell, church minister, officiated at the impressive ceremony.

The altar area was decorated with vases of white gladioli and with stock and green and white caladium leaves on the altar. Baskets of white flowers and bracket candelabra were used alternately in the chancel. The chancel rail was outlined with caladium plants. Clusters of majestic daisies and caladium leaves caught with satin streamers attached to the pews, lined the bridal aisle.

Mrs. Jerome Robertson, organist, and Mrs. Nick Causy, vocalist, presented the nuptial music.

The bride, given in marriage... [remainder missing]

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