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Clippings from a scrapbook owned by Ethelyn Lockwood Byrn

Lexington Progress Date Unknown


ONE OF THE finishing operations is performed by Billy Dyer
and Bobby Dean Williams. Plant now has 15 employees, with
a full operation employment number of approximately 70.

A NEW INDUSTRY FOR Lexington and Henderson County is started!
Here Harding Machine Screw Co. manager Russell Lockwood instructs
James Roy Williams how to operate a machine the firm will use.
Two other trainees are Earl Anderson and Howard Adcock.

Tennessee Branch Plant For East Liberty Firm

The Bellefontaine Examiner
Date Unknown

The Harding Machine Screw Co., East Liberty, manufacturer of precision screw machine products, ham let contracts for a new factory and office building in Lexington, Tenn.

The architect's sketch is shown above.

The general contract, let to Penix and Hendrix of Lexington, Tenn., is for a total of 8,129 sq. ft., of which 480 sq. ft. will be for general office and 120 sq. ft. for manager's office. The construction includes concrete floor, steel frame, steel bar joists, steel deck with built up roof, wall composed of 4" brick exterior, 2" air space, 4" concrete block interior, plastered walls and ceiling in offices with plastic tile floors. All offices will be air conditioned.

The location is in the south side on highway No. 20 near the city limits on a tract of land provided by the City of Lexington.

The Harding Machine Screw Co. was founded in East Liberty in1913 by the late E. H. Harding and has been in operation at that location ever since. In 1945, the company was purchased by Mr. And Mrs. Paul T. Blackburn, operating as a partnership until 1954 when the present company was incorporated.

The company has increased its production capacity 50 percent in the last 10 years without adding any additional floor space which has resulted in a very crowded condition. Plans had been made to build onto the present factory some 18 months ago, but due to misunderstandings with the officials of the township, the company cancelled all plans and began to look for a new location. Several were viewed and considered before Lexington, Tenn. was chosen for the new factory and offices. Several new machines have been bought to be installed in the new building, together with a number to be moved from the present factory.

Russell Lockwood will move with his family to Lexington and become plant manager. The company plans on having approximately 100 employees in the new branch and to be in operation by June 1, 1955.

Russel Lockwood To Head Harding's New Factory

The Bellefontaine Examiner
Date Unknown

Russel M. Lockwood has been appointed manager of the new Lexington, Tenn. branch of the Harding Machine Screw Co. of East Liberty. Mr. Lockwood has been with the Harding Machine Screw Co. since 1939 and has served as chief inspector and assistant manager in the East Liberty plant. According to an announcement by Paul T. Blackburn, president, the Lexington plant will be ready to begin operations about Sept. 1.

Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood and son, Bruce, will make their home in Lexington where they have recently purchased a home, now under construction, which will be ready for occupancy about Sept. 1.

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