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Clippings from a scrapbook owned by Ethelyn Lockwood Byrn

Lexington Progress
Date Unknown


Machine Screw Company To Double Floor Space Of Its Present Structure
New Construction To Add 10,000 Square Feet
For Additional Machinery — Work On Project
Expected To Start Within 30 Days

Harding Machine Screw Co.'s Lexington plant will be eapanded to more than double the size of its present structure, it was announced yesterday.

Russell Lockwood, manager of the plant here, said a 100 by 100 extension will be built on the rear of the plant adding 10,000 square feet of floor space. Construction is expected to start within 30 days, he added. Robert E. Brown, Memphis architect, is now working on plans for the expansion.

Double Work Space

Mr. Lockwood said the expansion will more than double the manufacturing space of the Lexington plant, as much of the original building is used for offices and the extension will be larger than the original structure.

Increase in the space will a1low the firm to install larger and additional machines for turning out machine screws. The firm now employs about 33 persons.

Same Type Construction

The extension will be flush with the west side of the building and the east side will extend 20 feet from the present structure. The same type of construction as in the original plant will be used, Mr. Lockwood said.

Expansion of the firm here is due partially to location of a northern industry in Memphis. The local plant is already a principal supplier of a carburetor firm in Paris.

Harding also has a plant in East Liberty, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Blackburn are owners of the firm.

Indeed Welcome News

Lexington Progress
Date Unknown

The story published last week in THE PROGRESS that Harding Machine Screw Co. will enlarge their operations here was most welcome.

There's more to it than just additional employment for Lexington and Henderson County. It also means that the our area a good place to live and work.

Harding Machine Screw Co. has been a good citizen since coming to our midst a few years ago. We are glad to see them expand.


Forward Mid-South!

Lexington Plant To Double Size

Memphis Press-Scimitar
Date Unknown

The Press-Scimitar Correspondent

LEXINGTON, Tenn. — Harding. Machine Screw Co. plans to double its floor space, Russell Lockwood, plant manager announced. He states that an extension 100 by 100 feet will be built on the rear of the plant, adding 10,000 sq. ft. of floor space. Construction is expected to begin within 30 days.

Increase in space will allow for installation of larger and additional machines for turning out machine screws. The firm now employs about 30 people.



50 To See Lexington Plant In Operation Wednesday

Source and Date Unknown

LEXINGTON, Tenn., Sept: 16.

—Fifty Ohio industrial workers will see a 'West Tennessee plant In action here next 'Wednesday as Harding Machine Screw Co. marks the fourth' anniversary of its operation in Lexington. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Blackburn, owners of the firm, will be among three plane loads of Harding employees at East Liberty, Ohio, who will come here for the event. An open house for the public is being planned for a later date to be announced.

Russel Lockwood, manager of the Lexington plant, said 53 persons are now employed. An expansion this year added 10,000 square feet of space to the local facility.

Ohio Employes To Visit Plant

Harding Workers Will Fly Here

Date and Source Unknown

About 50 employes of Harding Machine Screw Co.'s Ohio plant will visit Lexington Wednesday, according to Russel Lockwood, manager of the local firm.

Mr. Lockwood said the East Liberty employes, all with more than 15 years' service, will be flown to Lexington on two chartered planes as well as the plane of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Blackburn, owners of the company.

Mr. Lockwood said the visitors will have lunch at Lexington Hotel and will be treated to a barbecue supper at the Harding plant later in the day. The return flight is planned for about 6 p.m.

The trip is a more or less "get acquainted" affair for employes of both plants and also coincides with the fourth anniversary of the Harding plant here. It also ties in with the expansion of the Lexington plant, Mr. Lockwood said.

Lexington Industry Plans Celebration

Source and Date Unknown

LEXINGTON, Tenn. — Officials and employees of the Harding Machine Screw Co. will celebrate the fifth year of operations in Lexington, plus the expansion of the local plant, during special ceremonies Wednesday.

Paul T. Blackburn, president of the company, will lead a delegation of 50 to 60 employees of the company's East Liberty, Ohio plant to Lexington to take part in the event.

The president will be accompanied by Mrs. Blackburn, officials and owners of the company and regular plant employees. They will arrive here at about 10:30 a.m. and the dedication ceremony will begin at 3:30 p.m.

The Lexington plant has just completed a building expansion program, which added 10,000 square feet to the plant area, making a total now of 18,000 square feet.

Bruce Lockwood, manager of the Lexington plant, said this expansion will mean a future expansion in the work force. Business will increase in volume, making an eventual employment increase automatic, he said.

Lockwood added, "Our operation here has exceeded our expectations, and has turned out very well. The capability of the people we have obtained as employees has been good, as has been the demand for our product."

Ohio Employes Visit Lexington

Date and Source Unknown

About 55 Ohio employees of Harding Machine Screw Co. got a taste, literally and figuratively, of the South Wednesday and from all appearances they liked it.

Long-time workers of the East Liberty plant were flown to Lexington for a "get-acquainted" day with the Lexington plant employees. They were treated to sight-seeing, visiting and received a cordial welcome from many townspeople.

Two DC-8's of Piedmont Airlines brought the workers, all with 15 years or more service, and began the return to Ohio about 6 p.m.

During the day, the visitors had lunch at Lexington Hotel The fare? Southern fried chicken. Before their departure, there was a supper of real pit barbecue.

Local Harding employees served as guides for the Northern visitors, showing many of them a cotton gin and cotton fields.

The event was arranged by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Blackburn, company owners, in connection with completion of the Lexington plant's expansion and fourth anniversary.


Lexington Progress
Thursday, October 1, 1959

SOUTHERN WELCOME — Many Lexingtonites turned out at Franklin-Wilkins Field last Wednesday to extend a real southern welcome to Ohio employees of Harding Machine Screw Co. More than 50 longtime employees of the East Liberty plant were flown here for a "get-acquainted" day with local workers. The day also commemorated the fourth anniversary of the plant in Lexington as well as completion of the building for expansion here. (Additional pictures on Page 1, Section II.)

Better photo

Better photo

HARDING'S DAY — Employees of Harding Machine Screw Co.'s plant in East Liberty, Ohio, were treated to real Southern hospitality here last Wednesday as semi-formal ceremonies noting the Lexington plant's fourth anniversary were held. The Ohioans, all with more than 15 years service, were flown here and mingled with Lexington workers. Jerry Neal Lewis demonstrated one of the machines in the Lexington plant [middle of three photos above]. In a formal pose, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Blackburn, owners or the company, were photographed in front of g the plant along with Mayor Jack Hay and Mr. and Mrs. Bussel Lockwood. Later, Mr. Blackburn outlined the firm's history to employes of both plants as well as invited guests.


Jackson Sun
Date Unknown

LEXINGTON DEDICATION — A 65-employee delegation from the East Liberty, Ohio plant of the Harding Machine Screw Co., led by the company president. Paul T. Blackburn (second from left) were in Lexington Wednesday afternoon to help the local plant dedicate the recently completed plant expansion and celebrate four years of successful operation. With the president in the above picture are (left to right) Russel Lockwood, Lexington plant manager; Dick Barry, attorney and state legislator; and Henderson County Judge Clyde M. Reeves. In pointing out the expansion at Lexington, Blackburn said production has jumped from 8',4 million parts in 1955-56 to approximately 27 million this year.

— (Sun photos by Bob Arnold)

Better photo

RECEPTION — Among those greeting the Lexington and Ohio company employees and their families at the Harding Machine Screw Co. plant expansion dedication at Lexington Wednesday afternoon were Mrs. Paul T. Blackburn (left) wife of the company president; and Mrs. Russel Lockwood (right), wife of the Lexington plant manager. They are shown talking with Miss Marguerite Hindall (left center), a 25-year employee at the East Liberty, Ohio plant, and Mrs. Reba Booth, who has been employed at the Lexington plant since It was established four years ago.

Better photo


Source Unknown
Probably Lexington Progress
Date Unkown

Harding Firm Head Expresses Appreciation For Assistance Here

Lexingtonites assisting officials of Harding Machine Screw Co. in the visit here of the firm's Ohio employees received a letter of thanks for their help.

Paul T. Blackburn, president of the firm, sent the following letter:

Businessmen's Organization:

We wish to extend our thanks to you and through you to the people of Lexington, who by their efforts and coopel7ation, made our day in Lexington outstanding.

Our group from Ohio enjoyed every minute and we hear talk of the floral arrangements, transportation and the friendliness, in other words the hospitality extended every one of us and which is so deeply appreciated.

We can only say thank you and hope that if ever you are in our vicinity you will stop and see us.

Paul T. Blackburn


Good Will Visit

Lexington Progress
Date Unknown

Lexington was witness recently to a mass visit which deserves special recognition.

Paul T. Blackburn, president of the Harding Machine Screw Co., led a delegation of over 50 employees from his company's plant in Ohio to Lexington to help celebrate the Henderson County branch's fifth year of operations.

This celebration had an added significance in that the plant at Lexington is expanding.

The visit helped acquaint employees of each plant with employees of the other plant, giving each a greater feeling of unity in the company's common success.

It also gave our area an opportunity to tell the Harding Machine Screw Co. how glad we are to have it among our citizens.

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