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Yesterday's Tennessee

Hinson Springs Water

from the collection of Brenda Fiddler

June 26, 1931 Lexington Progress

Local and Personal

Mrs. Dorothy McCully is making daily trips from Hinson Springs delivering mineral water to her customers in Lexington in one to five gallon orders of this famous water which has been used as far back as the early settlement of the county, as a remedy and preventative of nervous disorders, stomach and kidney trouble and general toning up of the system.  Mrs. McCulley is having an analysis made of the water and expects to develop the property somewhat this season as a camping site and eventually restore it to its proper place as a health resort, which will mean not only profitable business for her but an additional source of revenue in tourist trade for the town.  Miss Dorothy sells the water at 10c per gallon, delivered, and may be reached by phone at 47W.

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