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Yesterday's Tennessee


At the beginning of the twentieth century improvements in transportation (initially by railroad) made vacation travel possible for the middle class. One of the most popular destinations for people in Henderson County was Hot Springs, Arkansas. And apparently one of the things people just had to do was…

The Oakley Family. Extreme left on oxcart--Rush and Carlie Oakley.
Small cart--Louise, Imogene & Faye Oakley.
Photo from the collection of Brenda Kirk Fiddler.

Willie Long in Middle of Seat. Photo from the collection of Mary E. Rushing.

(text of postcard)
Mr. W. J. Long, Beacon, Tenn.
Dear Papa,
 Got the money order today. Hope you are doing fine. Will write again tomorrow. Like a fool on the other side. Will be home in a few days if the "bull" don't give out. W.H. L.

These photographs were made in the form of postcards to be mailed to friends and family and were produced by Arlington Studios, Happy Hollow, Hot Springs, Arkansas.

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