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This is to certify that the By-Laws of Bargerton Lodge, No. 577, I.O.O.F., was introduced May 17, 1911, and adopted July, 8, 1911, by a unanimous vote of the lodge.

This July 24, 1911
N. I. BRAY, Secretary
Approved July 25, 1911
R. A. BROWN, D. G. M.


This lodge shall be known as Bargerton Lodge No. 577 Independent Order of Odd Fellows located at Bargerton, Tennessee.


The stated meetings of this lodge shall be held on the second and fourth Saturday nights of each month. (Art. 1, Sec. 2. constitution.)


Hours of Meeting —This lodge shall be opened from Oct. 1st to April 1st at 7 o'clock p.m. and from April 1st to Oct. 1st at 7:30 o'clock p.m.


Sec. 1. The fee for initiation shall be $6.00 when the applicant is between the ages of 21 and 45 years. Over 45 years and under 60 years $7,50. Over 60 years $10.00. The fees for degrees shall be as follows:

First, second and third degrees shall be $1.00.

Sec. 2. The fee for an Ancient Odd Fellow shall be $3.00.

Sec. 3. The fee for re-instatement of members suspended for non-payment of dues shall not be less than the amount of one year's dues.

Sec. 4. The fee for re-instatement of expelled members shall be the same as required for initiation.


Each member of this lodge shall pay into the general fund thereof $1.50 semi-annually, payable on the last meeting nights of June and December. Brothers under suspension shall be charged. as above until they are dropped.


Sec. 1. The sick benefits of this lodge shall be $3.00 per week, including the first week's sickness, but said member shall not receive any benefits unless he is sick as much as one week at one time. This applies to every scarlet degree brother in good standing who has been a member of this lodge for six months who shall be rendered incapable by sickness, accident or injury to his person from following his usual business or employment, provided such sickness or inability shall not have been caused by intemperance or other immoral conduct. On presenting his account for the number of week's sick, it must be signed by at least two of the visiting committee. If they cannot reach him, said account must have a physician's certificate attached to same.

Sec. 2. A member living five miles or more from this lodge shall send in his final claim for sick benefits not later than one month after recovery, or it can not be allowed payment, unless by two-thirds majority vote; and if a member living within five miles of the lodge fails to make known his sickness or disability within one month of the time thereof the lodge shall not be bound for the payment of the benefits unless two-thirds of the members present vote therefor.

Sec. 3. On the death a member who was at the time of his death entitled to benefits $30 shall be paid out of the funds of the lodge to defray the funeral expenses, and if not used that way, said $30 is to be turned over to said member's wife or nearest connection.


Standing Committees—The Committee of Relief shall always consist of -the Noble Grand and his supporters, Vice Grand and his supporters and Secretary. The Noble Grand at the first meeting of each term shall appoint a Committee of Finance composed of three members. The first named of each committee shall serve as chairman thereof unless the committee otherwise determines.


The Committee of Finance shall examine all accounts and bills referred to them by the lodge and report all the errors. They shall audit the books and accounts of the Secretary and Treasurer at the close of each semi-annual term; also the accounts of all other officers or committees who may have had charge of any of the receipts or expenditures of the funds of the lodge. They shall examine the books of the officers of the lodge and report on the same. They shall report at the first regular meeting thereafter.


Orphans—The Secretary shall keep a list of all orphan children whose father was a member in good standing of the lodge at the time of his death.


Cards—The price of traveling and withdrawal cards shall be $1.00 each.


Bonds—Sec. 1. The Secretary shall give bond in some good guaranty company in the sum of $500, the cost of same to be paid by the lodge.

Sec. 2. The Treasurer shall give bond in some good guaranty company in the sum of $500, the cost of same to be paid by the lodge.


Smoking—Smoking shall not be allowed in the lodge room while the lodge is in session.


Salaried Officers—The Secretary shall receive for each year's services $10.00, and the Warden $3.00, ending Dec. 31 for the time he serves.


Examination for Degrees—Applicants shall not be balloted for until they have passed satisfactory examination in the secret work of the preceeding degree in open lodge, except in cases of emergency as provided by law.


Paying Out Money—No money shall be paid out of the Treasury of this lodge except by consent of the lodge and the written order of the Noble Grand, attested by the Secretary.


Loaning Funds—Sec. 1. No funds belonging to this lodge shall be loaned to its members.

Sec. 2. In loaning money out of the lodge no member shall be taken as security.

Sec. 3. The Treasurer must include in his report from each term all assets of the lodge held by him.


Appeals—In all cases of appeals from this lodge to the grand lodge it shall be the duty of the Secretary to prepare the transcript of the record and submit the same to the lodge for ratification before attaching the seal of the lodge thereto or for wording it to the Grand Secretary.


Any member of any committee who shall fail to report at the next meeting, or any officer of this lodge who shall absent himself from the lodge at four consecutive regular meetings, and have no reasonable excuse (such as he or his family being sick or having to be away from his home) shall be fined 25c for each night absent, same being collected as dues.


Non-Payment of Due—Any member whose dues amount to more than twelve months remaining unpaid, whether it be at the close of the semi-annual term or not, shall be declared dropped from the roll of the contributing members, which fact shall be announced by the Noble Grand and entered upon the lodge minutes. No written or other notice is required to be given the delinquent before his name being dropped from the roll.


Disturbing Harmony of the Lodge—Any brother who shall persist in disturbing the peace and harmony of this lodge or refuse to obey the Noble Grand shall be suspended or expelled. See Con., Art. 11, Sec. 10.


Ingress and Egress—No brother shall be allowed to enter or leave the the lodge while in session without permission from the Noble Grand. In all cases of Ingress and Egress the ususual formalities are required.


Amendments —All alterations and amendments to these by-laws must be prepared in writing and proposed at a regular meeting and lie over until the next or some subsequent meeting, when, if two thirds of the members present vote in favor thereof, they shall be adopted. Art. 18. Sec. 2 of constitution.


Rights—The lodge has the exclusive right of hiring nurses for sickness or disability of any brother.

Signed, N. I. BRAY.


1.  The order of business may be suspended by a majority vote of the members present.

2.  The Noble Grand shall preserve order and decorum and pronounce the decision of the lodge on all subjects.

3.  No motion shall be subject for debate until seconded and stated by the Noble Grand. It shall be reducted to writing when required by any member present.

4.  No member shall disturb another in his speech, unless to call him to order, stand up to interrupt him when speaking, pass between him and the Noble Grand or leave the hall.

5.  Each member when he speaks shall rise and respectfully address the Noble Grand, and when he has finished shall sit down. Members speaking shall confine themselves to the question under debate and avoid all personalities or decarious language.

6.  Any member may call for a decision of a question.

7.  If two or more members shall rise to speak at the same time the Noble Grand shall decide which is entitled to the floor.

8.  No member shall speak until he has been recognized by the Noble Grand.

9.  When a question is before the lodge no motion shall be received except to adjourn, the previous question to lay on the table, to postpone indefinitely, to postpone to a certain time, to be divided or to amend, and the motion just enumerated shall take precedence in the order of enumeration. The first three shall be decided without debate.

10.  On the call of five members, the previous question shall be put to the lodge, the previous question having been ordered, all further amendments that may have been previously offered shall be voted on in their order before the main question.

11.  Every member is bound to vote and serve on committees unless excused by the Noble Grand.

12.  All reports of committees shall be made in writing.

13.  The person first named on a committee shall act as chairman thereof until another is chosen by themselves.

14.  Any member who voted in the majority may call for a reconsideration of the vote at the same session at which it was passed, and if sustained by a majority of all the votes, the consideration shall be carried.

15.  No person shall speak more than once on a subject or question; until all members wishing to speak shall have had an opportunity to do so.

16.  If a member while speaking be called to order by the Noble Grand, he shall cease speaking at once and take his seat until the question of order is determined and permission given him to proceed.

17.  When a blank is to be filled and different sums, numbers or times shall be proposed, the question shall be first taken up on the highest sum or number or longest or talest time.

18.  No motion can be made by a member while another member is speaking and no motion can be made without first rising and addressing the Noble Grand.

Note: This document is part of the papers of the late Robert Coy Tucker (1895-1972).

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