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Yesterday's Tennessee


Lexington, Tennessee Telephone Directory 1952

Call Telephone Number 2800

Buck Addie
Buck Fred
Buck Hollis
Buck Hurley
Buck James
Buck Jim
Buck Jordan
Dickson Fay
Dickson Huley
Dickson Sam

Gilliam Ray
Gurley Lawrence
Gurley Lee
Hayes Dosey
Helms Walt
Jowers Tom
Martin Howard
Martin Lawrence
Martin Milt
McClanahan Dewey

McCollum Kitt
McCollum Milt
McPeake Carl
Melton Jordan
Melton Josie
Moody Ray
Neisler Ernest
Neisler Frank
Neisler Guy
Neisier Mattie

Overman Ben
Patton Bud
Parsons Cliff
Petty Leo
Rhodes John
Rhodes Tom
Rhodes Willie
Smith Dee
Wallace Thomas
Youngerman Fred

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