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From R. H. Harris, ed., Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions, Memphis, 1976.

Independence Cemetery

Researched by: Donna Blackstock, Alicia Adcox, & Don Jowers

Location: 16 miles West of Lexington on Highway 20 West and west of Poplar Springs Community.

Cogdell Cemetery

Researched by: Alicia Adcox and Wilma Cogdell

Location: 10 miles West of Lexington on north side of Highway 20., at Blue Goose.

Click here for 1999 Update and Photograph

Manley Cemetery

Researched by: Anita Webb & Alicia Adcox

Location: First gravel drive on the right, west of Blue Goose on Highway 20 West.

Click here for 1999 Update and Photograph

Lexington Cemetery

Researched by: Debra Hinson, Betsy Patterson, Alicia Adcox, Anita Webb, and Joan Nowll

Bible Grove Cemetery

Researched by: Janice S. Wood

Location: 8 Miles on Highway 20 East to Chesterfield, turn left 4 1/2 miles, turn right 3 miles.

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