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In 1836 Henderson Co. was divided into 15 civil districts. The districts were used for several purposes including the taking of the census. The following series of Henderson County civil district maps for the census years to assist genealogical researchers using the census records.

The civil districts for various reasons were changed often from 1836 until the 1900s. The information on these changes is sparse and the old civil district maps which are available are crude and usually undated. It is believed that the following maps show the civil districts basically in their correct location for the years indicated. Errors are more than likely in the location of the lines between districts and this should be taken into consideration when searching for someone who may have lived near a civil district line. With these points in mind, the maps should be used only for the purpose intended.

A study of the Henderson Co. census records reveals the number of civil districts for the census years as follows:

1840  15 Districts
1850  18 Districts
1860  20 Districts
1870  20 Districts
1880  20 Districts
1890  Not available
1900  20 Districts
1910  7 Districts

Reliable information on the County Civil Districts for the census years is very helpful in expediting census searches. Hopefully this sparse information will inspire someone who has or can find additional information to come forward to offer corrections or additions to this presentation. I would like to hear from any one who is interested.

James H. Hanna
56 Loydell Cove
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