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Imogene Oakley's Scrapbook - PERSONAL INTERESTS (1933-1934)

The following miscellaneous newspaper clippings and other items were found in a scrapbook compiled by the Imogene Oakley. Sources for the newspaper clippings are not given identifiable sources are The Lexington Republican, the Lexington Progress, and the Jackson Sun. Handwritten dates in the scrapbook for the most part seem to be the date of the event being mentioned and not the date of publication. The scrapbook is now owned by Brenda Kirk Fiddler.

James Daws, August 1933


At Paris

Note: Paul Essary was living in Paris at this time.

Sept. 30, 1933

"To James Rush on His Fifth Birthday"

October 28, 1933

U.T. Ag Club Annual Barnwarmin'

Nov. 3, 1933

"Made a week before I was 20 years
old 1933, Nov. 3"


Mary Smith, 1933

Detail from photograph above

Willie and J. C. Odle

Francis Kennedy

August 20, 1933?

Petting Parties to Purse Pretty Puckers for Public

And There'll Be No Biting in the Clinches Under Rules of Coney Island Contest—Amusement Center to Provide Realistic Setting.

Associated Press Staff Writer

NEW YORK, Aug. 20. — And now ladeez and gen'lmun, the big show ‘is about to commence. The biggest spectacle of the year. A soul-lashing, artery-boiling contest of skill and endurance — a kissing marathon, and may the best couple win.

Coney Island speaking — step right up, the show is free.

In fact, Rex Billings, general manager of Luna Park, looked decidedly hurt when he was asked how much it would cost to witness this spectacle, which is scheduled to go on, rain or shine, Monday afternoon.

"Why," he asked, soulfully, "commercialize love?"

Entries have been received from all over the country, especially Brooklyn and Long Island.

"The pair holding the longest kiss, as judged by official timers watches," said Bert Nevins, contest manager, "will be declared the champion osculators of the world."

The oldest entries are a couple of Long Islanders who recently celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.

"The majority of entries are single, most of them being sweet-hearts," said Mr. Nevins, "with a few just friends who hope that the contest will send them on the path of real romance."

Mr. Nevils has formulated t following rules and regulations:

(1). Any contestant caught eating onions before the competition will be declared ineligible.

(2). Competitors will be allowed to close their eyes while registering kisses but both eyes must be closed at the same time. A foul will be claimed against any contestant peeking through one eye while registering a kiss. However, kisses with both eyes open are permissible.

(3). Biting while kissing will be strictly prohibited.

(4). Any contestant noted making advances to the judges will be declared out of the contest.

(5). AU sorts of kissing holds such as the "Gable-Garbo Clutch" will be permissible.

(6). All male contestants wearing moustaches must trim their upper lips before starting the alleged grind.

For the more temperamental contestants, sofas and artificial rumble seats will be provided to make them feel at home.


Murray Brothers Advance

Attorney General Thomas J. Murray (left) of Jackson, Tenn., has accepted an appointment as assistant solicitor of the Postoffice Department at Washington. General Murray took the oath of office Monday. He was renominated last month for another term but is expected to resign within a few days and permit his successor to he appointed. His brother, David Murray (right) will likely get the post.

In the Postoffice Department, Murray is assistant to another Tennessean, Karl Crowley, formerly of Smith County, but now a resident of Texas. Mr. Crowley is solicitor and was appointed to that position in March.



Chick Outfielder Out With Bad Shoulder

Get Second Day of Rest, and Also Have Off Day Tomorrow — Doubleheader Listed Sunday

Wayne Cox, recruit outfielder of the Chicks, left the club yesterday
and returned to his home in Lexington, Tenn. Cox developed a bad shoulder, and has been out of action for some time.

Cox, picked up from the Lexington independent club early in the summer, may try with the Chicks again next season.

The Memphis club, here awaiting the start of its series with the Lit tie Rock Travelers, will get another day of rest today They also will he out of action tomorrow, since the schedule opener has been postponed and will be played as part of the Sunday doubleheader.

The Chicks will play the last 10 games of the campaign here. They have been struggling for third place, but right now are trailing the Nashville Vols.


College Editor

Ruth Bobbitt is coeditor of the Skyrocket, student publication at Freed-Hardeman College, Henderson, Tennessee. [photo with item too deteriorated to scan]

1934 [exact date unreadable]


Ab Hatchett of near Lexington, son of Sim Hatchett and wife of Howard's school house, is in the Webb-Williamson Hospital, Jackson receiving treatment for a fractured arm and lacerations about the head which he sustained in an automobile accident Monday when the cars of young Hatchett and Martin Hare collided on Highway 22 near Timberlake, it is said.

September 29, 1934

Jim & James P.

[Badly deteriorated carnival photographs.]

October 28, 1934

Misses Ruth and Mildred Jones, Eddie Belew and Omogene Oakley spent last Saturday and Sunday in Memphis, and attended high Mass at St. Peters Catholic Church.

Dearest Jean:

Always remember our trip to Memphis Oct. 27-28 1934. Our stay at the Chisca etc. By us I mean you Ruth, Mildred & me.


November 6, 1934

W. J. Nahholz and Ray Sheppard of Memphis and Miss Mildred Jones went to Nashville for the Tennessee-Vanderbilt football game and were week-end guests of Miss Lula Mae Scott, They were accompanied by Miss Edna Churchwell.

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