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The following miscellaneous newspaper clippings and other items were found in a scrapbook compiled by the Imogene Oakley. Sources for the newspaper clippings are not given identifiable sources are The Lexington Republican, the Lexington Progress, and the Jackson Sun. Handwritten dates in the scrapbook for the most part seem to be the date of the event being mentioned and not the date of publication. The scrapbook is now owned by Brenda Kirk Fiddler.

Oakley Family Record

The following information is handwritten near the back of the book:

Paul's gifts to me on Xmas

Dec. 24, 1932 — a purse
Dec. 24, 1933 — a diamond
Dec. 24, 1934 — a watch

Dates of Birth

Daddy — 1884

Mama — 1887
Big Sis — 1909 [Louise]
Fay — 1911
Jean — 1913
Corine — 1923
James Rush — 1928

Dates of Death

Corinne died Dec. 29, 1930
Daddy died June 6, 1932

About the Scrapbook

Imogene Oakley's scrapbook consists of many newspaper clippings and other items pasted into a bound 1930 diary book. The diary seems to have been a Christmas present to Imogene from "Ayleen" in 1929. Pages January 1 through July 2 are missing, and it seems likely these had been used as a handwritten diary. They were removed at a later date, possibly when Imogene began using the abandoned diary as a scrapbook or more likely when Louise and Faye Oakley gave the scrapbook with its clippings to Brenda Fiddler. Pages after October 4 are unused.

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