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by Lawanda Gale Lewis and Harold Wayne Lewis

[This brief history was prepared for the church's 62nd Homecoming Anniversary Service, May 27, 1984.]

The Poplar Corner Pentecostal Church had its beginning in 1919 when Bro. Elco Douglas came to preach at the Union Cross School House. In 1920 an old brush arbor was built on the "Doc" Douglas farm and Bro. Elco Douglas preached a revival. Then in 1921 a brush arbor was built near the present church site and Bro. Elco Douglas preached a revival by coal oil lamps and candle light. In 1922 the first Poplar Corner Church was established and built at the present site of the church today. The land was given for the church by Mr. John Milam. Mr. Arthur Douglas, the father of Elon Douglas and Estelle Milam, cut the logs that would become the first church building. After dragging the logs out with mules, they were hauled to the Ross sawmill by Mr. Bud Pearson to be cut into lumber. After the lumber was cut Mr. Arthur Douglas, Mr. Joe Potts, and others, including a number of sharecroppers, built the wood frame church building. The name for the church came from the old country store owned and operated by "Doc" Douglas, grandfather of N. R. Douglas. The store was near the present site of the church. The first pastor of the Poplar Corner Pentecostal Church was Bro. Elco Douglas. Others that were instrumental in the founding of the church were Mr. Tom Kee, Mr. John Milam, Mr. Lawson Thompson, and Mr. A. D. Gurley. The first church board were Mr. Tom Kee, Mr. John Milam and Elco Douglas. The first one to be baptized into the church was Sister Lucille Pearson (Olive), who also is the oldest living member of the congregation. Also baptized at the time were Mr. Tom Kee, Mr. John Milam and Minnie Kee. The cemetery grounds were purchased in 1936 from Arthur Douglas. The first interment in the church cemetery was Sister Bethel Douglas, wife of Wardie Douglas and mother of Vetola Phillips. The first Sunday School director was Mr. John Wesley Milam.

In Dec. of 1950 and in Jan. of 1951 a great revival was in progress with Bro. Clarence Wiley as the visiting evangelist. Bro. Odie Meggs was pastor at the time. During this great revival there were 24 baptized and 19 received the Holy Ghost. The baptizing were held on two different Sundays. It is reported there was a big snow at one baptizing and the pond had ice on it at the other baptizing. Those that were baptized at that time were:

The Poplar Corner Church has been the birth place of some of the finest ministers in out area. These are:

Through the years god has blessed this work with great men of God to pastor this church. In the close of this brief history, we would like to give honor to those ministers that gave so much of themselves to bring the Poplar Corner Pentecostal Church to its present landmark status.

We realize that this history is not a complete record of the church, but it does give a small insight to all the efforts that went into building this great work….

Honor is given to the following individuals and families for their service and contributions to the Poplar Corner Pentecostal Church. May their efforts be not forgotten.

We apologize if we have omitted anyone from the above listing. It was not our intention to omit anyone due credit for their labors. This is so little credit for all of those that gave so much for this great work.

This information was compiled and arranged by Lawanda Gale and Harold Wayne Lewis.

[Note from Brenda Kirk Fiddler: Ministers since 1984--David Weatherford, Mike Bond, Keith Holloway, Jerry Mills (present, 1998).]

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