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from Favorite Recipes from Rock Hill Baptist Church

In Appreciation

In the true spirit of loving and sharing this cookbook has been compiled from the favorite recipes of members, families, and friends of Rock Hill Baptist Church and community. We appreciate the efforts of all who helped to make this cookbook possible.
Praise be to our Lord and Savior as we live by the Spirit, for the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness and faith.
Galatians 5:22

Many Thanks,
Cookbook Committee:
Marilyn Deere
Rosa Garner
Pat Gilbert
Reba Maners
Martha Lou Reeves
Babs Stanfill


We dedicate this cookbook to all members, past, present, and future of the Rock Hill Baptist Church. This cookbook commemorates our 110th anniversary celebration of our church. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Cookbook Committee:
Marilyn Deere
Rosa Gamer
Pat Gilbert
Reba Maners
Martha Lou Reeves
Babs Stanfill

List of Pastors of Rock Hill 1884-1994

T.A. Sisson
N.M. Byers
J.B. Hays
T. Rogers
D. Hopper
T.C. Jowers
G. Houston Wood
E.Z. Newsome
Fleetwood Ball
W.R. Belew
C.E. Azbill
Simpson Daniel
C.B. Pennington
David Cooper
Jimmy Ervin
Harry Harp
W.R. Littlefield

John M. Cranford
R.E. Pettigrew
W.E. Edmonson
H.B. Burrus
Van Mathis
Elmus Flowers
Bob Kendig
Jimmy Covington
J.T. Todd
W.L. Thompson
Johnny Owens
Wendell Smith
Clyde Cobb
Anthony Bishop
David Cooper
Arthur Bain, Jr.
Cletus Duke
Dennis Lunsford

The History of Rock Hill Baptist Church

1884- The church was organized in the year 1884 and it was first called Rocky Hill Baptist Church. It consisted of eight charter members: Mr. and Mrs. W. R.(Major) Scates, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Scates, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin V. Reed, Mrs. Permelia McPeake and Mrs. Mary Jane Wallace. The first building was a crude log building located at the site of the present cemetery.

1890- The church was rebuilt at the cemetery location making the building larger and more convenient.

1889- During the years of 1889 and 1901, services were changed to Sunday.

1905-1937- Rev. Fleetwood Ball was the pastor of the church for thirty-two years.

1909- During the revival of August, 1909, there were thirty conversions.

1918- In 1918 the church changed to twice monthly preaching services.

1923- In 1923 William J. McPeake gave the land for the present church site. The church voted to build a new church building.

1924- The second Sunday in May of 1924 was the dedication of the new building free of debt and the second Sunday in May is our Decoration Day and Homecoming.

1939-41- The first basement was built, a heating system was installed soon after and electricity was secured for the church.

1940- Bro. C. B. Pennington proposed a plan for the financing of the church called the "God's Acre Plan." The "God's Acre Plan" called for church members to set aside an acre to be planted, tended, and at harvest time, the increase, the first fruits of the fields that the Bible tells about, would be brought to the Lord's storehouse. The farm products were stored until a good market price was available and then they were sold to finance the church. The Storehouse was not built until 1943, which was the third year of the plan. Joe A. Deere gave the ground on which it was to be built. A dedication service was held by Rev. David Cooper in April of 1943. The storehouse was located near Juan Bain's present home.

1943- The first recorded Vacation Bible School was held. The first recorded Mother's Day Program was also held on the second Sunday in May.

1950- The pews that are now being used were purchased during this time. The porch was added to the front of the church in the late forties.

1953- The belfry was completed. The bell, a gift from the First Baptist Church of Lexington, was installed. The bell was placed in the steeple in memory of Rev. Fleetwood Ball.

1959- The church's first organ was also purchased during this period and services have been held every Sunday since this year.

1963- The church debt for the annex was paid off during this time and a new annex was built at the back of the auditorium with seven rooms and a baptistry. Charlie White, one of our deacons, painted a beautiful scene on the wall behind the baptistry. The library was moved to this annex and it was named the J. A. Deere Library.

1964- The building fund debt was paid off during this time.

1968- A public address system was purchased.

1969- Central heating and air-conditioning was installed at this time.

1974- In August of 1974 tradition was broken with the summer revival being held the third week in August instead of the second week.

1976- A bicentennial day celebration was held on June 27, 1976.

1978- During Bro. Wendell Smith's ministry the auditorium was completely redecorated.

1981- A mobile home was purchased by the church.

1983- The young people of the church began attending the youth conference in Nashville. Men's fellowship group was organized.

1984- Rock Hill observed a centennial celebration to commemorate the 100 years of its existence as a church.

1985-86- A copy machine was purchased and additional hymn book holders were added to the pews. Storm windows were installed, the church was repainted, the church's first telephone was installed, and new hymnals were purchased in honor or in memory of a relative or friend.

1986- Mrs. Charles Deere presented a deed to the church for 1.5 acres of land to be added to the cemetery on Founders' Day. A radio ministry, new church signs were erected, and a nursery for ages 3 and under was started.

1987- The new fellowship hall was completed and dedicated in November.

1991- A sound system was purchased for the church.

1992- A pictorial directory was compiled of the members and their families. Stained glass windows were placed over and on either side of the baptistry in memory of Lewis and Mary Deere and Dr. Charles and Ella Deere.

1994- The parking lot was repaved and additional paving was done for more parking area. To improve the outside of the building, vinyl siding was installed on the church. Jenetta Loftin donated a microwave oven to the kitchen. Faustine Reed provided handrails for the front of the church in Willard's memory. Herman and Geneva Lewis provided a new sign for the front of the church and a sign for the entrance to the cemetery. We are compiling a cookbook of favorite recipes from each church family and friends as part of our 110th anniversary celebration which was celebrated on Oct. 2. 1994. A new organ and piano were purchased.

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Strawberry Cake

Put all ingredients in mixing bowl and mix with electric mixer for about 4 minutes. This may be divided into three layers. Bake at 350 degrees. Cool before frosting.


Stir soft butter in mixing bowl. Add small amount of confectioner's sugar and small amount of strawberries, alternately, until all sugar is used. The amount of strawberries is determined by your own judgement. Frost layers and sides.

Ann Garner

[Note: I was happy to find this recipe. I first had strawberry cake at my grandmother's house in Parsons. My mother made these cakes fairly frequently when I lived at home and during my college years. After she died in 1997 I was unable to find the recipe among her collection.--David]

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