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Yesterday's Tennessee

Henderson County Roads - 1930

from the collection of Brenda Kirk Fiddler

March 14, 1930 Lexington Progress

Why Was It Not Done?

Twenty years ago Henderson County should have kept dumps of gravel at Lexington, Luray, Chesterfield and Wildersville, say $250 at each place. Even yet and without loss of time the Court should at its April term appropriate ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS for that purpose, and when an impassable place develops in a county road, let the county truck go and fix it. In the absence of a truck, we believe citizens would do the work with wagons. Our bad roads have been mainly the difficulty of bad places which could be "salted" with gravel and made passable. Is there a man in Henderson County who would object to spending a thousand dollars in that way? Years ago the notorious Benson Hill, on the road to Sardis, could have been remedied at little cost--likewise the Chesterfield levee, yet our court and our people sat, waited, and did nothing. This thought came to us just recently. What do you think of it?

January 24, 1930 Lexington Progress

Kelley Walks and “Totes” the Mail

Carl Kelley, carrier several years on the Lexington-Scotts Hill Star mail route, missed his first trip this winter on account of high water and bad roads. Last Saturday he walked the 15 miles from Scott's Hill and carried the mail pouch on his shoulder. Tuesday of this week he attempted the trip in his car, broke down and was brought to Lexington by Dr. J. T. Goff, but finding no other way to get back to Scott's Hill, he walked and toted the mail. It must be the streak of Irish in Carl that supplies the nerve

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