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Historical Display Collection - Scotts Hill City Hall

David Austin, as part of his work with the City of Scotts Hill, is working to compile a collection and display of local Scotts Hill Historical Items and pictures of old buildings.  The collection is starting to take shape and includes an original copy of the 1899 Scotts Hill Banner Newspaper, 1898 and 1904 College Announcements and a 1932 Scotts Hill Yearbook. They also have a collection of downtown street scenes from 1900 to 1970, and are looking for others.  Other items include old radios and telephone equipment.  They have a picture of opening day at the Hill Theatre in downtown Scotts Hill.   They are looking for the old central office switchboard as well as copies of pictures of the Scotts Hill College Boarding House.

David was gracious enough to give us a glimpse of his collection through the images on this web site.

If you find yourself in Scotts Hill, please stop by City Hall and visit with David and view his growing collection of Historical Items. David welcomes any assistance that you can provide him in his mission to preserve historical items pertaining to Scotts Hill. Please contact David if you can be of assistance.

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