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From the Lexington Progress, August 27, 1997

The old Threadgill Store, also known as White's, at the corner of Crucifer
Road and Highway 412 East was expected to be torn down this week. The
store was a popular gathering spot in years past.

The old advertisement on the door of the Threadgill Grocery,
also known as White's, brings memories of days gone by,
when air conditioning wasn't "assumed." The store is
expected to be torn down this week.

The old gin at the intersection of Hooper Road and Highway 412
is set to come down according to current state plans for the widening
of Highway 412.

From Dr. Emily Davis and Brenda Kirk Fiddler, Henderson County Tennessee: A Pictorial History

Inside the Threadgill Store. This store became "White's Grocery." This building still stands on 412 West.
Pictured left to right: Tyler Wilson, Ida Threadgill (grandmother to Nancy T. Wilson), Joe White and
Mr. Hilburn White, who later bought the store. (Photo-Nancy Tyler Wilsion)

Outside Threadgill's Store in the late 1930s. Left to right Hilburn White, unknown, unknown, I.D. Tyler.
(Photo-Nancy Tyler Wilson)

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