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Ashley Adams

May 18, 1961
Newspaper clipping, probably from the Lexington Progress

Following is an incomplete list of Henderson Countians who fought with Union forces during the Civil War, as furnished by Ashley Adams, chairman of the county Civil War Centennial Committee.

Adams, Archibald
Adams, Harmon
Aldridge, Thomas
Allen, John
Altom, John
Autry, William
Autry, James P.
Barber, Lamue A.
Barker, Rufus
Barker, Samuel A.
Bartholomew, Milton Brown
Bass, James T.
Beatty, John W.
Beatty, John H.
Blankenship, Caleb
Blankenship, Martin
Bowman, James W.
Bowman, William G.
Brewer, Lucian
Britt, George W.
Britt, Noah
Brodee, Thomas I.
Burket, Isaac F.
Burkett, James F.
Carlyle, George W.
Caviness, William H.
___isterfer, John W. [punch hole in clipping; probably Christopher]
Chumney, Beverly R.
Creasy, Stephen P.
Cunningham, Wm. E.
Davis, Leroy
Davis, Levi
Davison, R William
Deer, Milton
Deere, Jennings
Dennison, William H.
Derryberry, John C.
Douglass, William A.
Dunn, Barney
Dunn, Benjamin C.
Dunn, George
Dunn, Tilman J.
Dunn, William R.
Efrey, George W,
Epery, G. W.
Essary, William P.
Frazzell, George D.
Freeman, David D.
Garner, Franklin A.
Gilbert, Jackson J.
Gilbert, Thomas J.
Gimley, Marion M.
Goff, Edmond
Gooch, William
Goodman, Thomas T.
Grice, William R.
Griffin, Thomas B.
Grimsley, Mariela M.
Griswell, William H.
Hair, Francis M.
Hanna, Calvin
Hare, Francis M.
Hart, Absolem C.
Haug, Absolem C.
Hays, Henry
Hays, Isaac M. C.
Hays, John B.
Hays, John R.
Hays, Samuel L.
Helmer, Robert W.
Hern, James M.
Hilton, Duncan B.
Hoosier, Thomas
Horn, Major B.
Hornbeck, Josuay
Horne, James F.
Houston, George W.
Ingram, Parker
Johnson, Charles J.
Johnson, James K.
Johnson, James M.
Johnson, Manuel
Johnson, Samuel
Jones, William H.
Joplin, Lucian F.
Kaudal, James
Keen, George W.
Keen, Isaac
King, James A.
Lewis, Zacharia
Loller, Robert J.
Lowing, John
McMorris, James A.
Madison, John
Meals, Samuel J.
Medlin, Robert L.
Midleton, Alfred W.
Miller, George W.
Mines, James W.
Mofford, William F.
Moore, George W.
Moore, John A.
(one name cut off) [best guess, Moss, Thomas]
Mullers, William R.
Owens, Joseph
Owens, Redding
Overman, Rath
Page, William C.
Patterson, Isiah
Patterson, Robert
Phillips, Columbus P.
Pomroy, Isaac M.
Pomroy, John A.
Pond, Darling A.
Powers, Ira
Powers, Stephen
Pritchett, Nathan C.
Fafs, Dugal W.
Read, Isaac L.
Reed, Francis, T.
Reid, Sirenious
Renfro, Marcus
Robbins, Joe
Renfroe, Thomas J.
Rhodes, John M.
Rogers, John H.
Rogers, Tavener
Scott, Charles M.
Scott, Jepy R.
Scott, Jessie R.
Skates, Green
Smith, Thomas A.
Spain, Herrkiah
Spain, Samuel
Stone, William
Stratton, John M.
Teague, Leander L.
Terrell, Alfred T.
Tigue, Samuel J.
Thomas, James H.
Thompson, George W.
Thompson, James
Wallace, John J.
Wallace, Robert P.
Wallace, Robert R.
Watson, Lymon P.
Wheatter, George W.
Willy, Thomas W.
Wilson, Francis H.
Wilson, Martin V.
Wise, James F.
Wise, John
Wood, George H.
Woods, Lassen
Woody, Andrew J.
Wallace, George W.
Zidwell, John F.

[Note from Brenda Kirk Fiddler: Mr. Ashley Adams, a native of the county, now deceased, was a well-known educator who served as Superintendent of Henderson County Schools from 1958 to 1962. He maintained a lifelong interest in the history of the county.]

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