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United Grocery Company
Our 50th Year, 1905-1955

from the collection of Brenda Fiddler

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On Thursday, Mr. Fanning called on the merchants of Scotts Hill, and returned to Lexington by buggy, visiting Sardis and Reagan on the way.

Friday was little different from the rest of the week, and was perhaps the most arduous day.  Mr. Fanning, accompanied by “Black Bill”, a colored man employed by the company, was off to Life and Huron by team.  From Huron, Bill would drive the team back to Lexington, and the salesman would take the train to Beech Bluff in Madison County.  From Beech Bluff, he walked three miles to Luray, and back to Lexington by train late in the afternoon.  Exacting as was the schedule, traveling for a wholesale grocery firm had its compensations:  Not only did one see the country, but Mr. Fanning drew the sum of $45.00 per month for his efforts!

By 1906, the territory had become so extensive that it was impossible for one man to cover it alone, and a second salesman was employed by Enochs-Edenton.  His name was G. G. Joyner, of Westport.  The sales area was then expanded to include Hollow Rock Junction (now Bruceton) and Huntingdon, as well as some of the country stores near these communities.  The company was growing tremendously, new lines of merchandise were being added, and the volume of business was steadily increasing as the merchants came to appreciate the importance of the new enterprise.  Schedules and itineraries were changed:  On Mondays, Mr. Fanning would leave Lexington on the 9:00

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Left to Right:  Orbie Daws, Tony Adams, Bily Williams, Bill Moody, Elmer Middleton, Howard Hopper, Walter Kizer

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