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United Grocery Company
Our 50th Year, 1905-1955

from the collection of Brenda Fiddler

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a.m. train, jolt along the route to Wildersville, and double back Beech Bluff at noon; at 3:30 he would pass through Lexington on the way to Yuma, and leave there for Lexington on the evening train, arriving at home around 7:00 o’clock.

Times were changing; a new day was dawning for everyone, with telephones becoming more widespread, and with the invention of the automobile and the resulting demand for better roads and highways.  But it was still an early stage for progress; on Tuesday, Mr. Fanning went back to his faithful team in order to reach Decaturville in time to spend Tuesday night.  Wednesday it was on to Scotts Hill through the heat and dust of summer and the cold and mud of winter.

On it went; the firm was reaching out from a small nucleus to embrace the territory that it serves today.  In those first years, confidence in the company and its representatives was being built – a confidence founded on responsibility and service.  As the years passed, the thriving business grew, but like all such ventures it suffered growing pains.  Inventories took more and more time; new vehicles were required; personnel changes took place, and more and more people were needed.  When the company was founded, J. C. Edenton was elected President, with H. E. Graper, Vice-President, and the J. W. Enochs, the moving spirit behind the project, serving as General Manger.  In those days, Mr. H. p. Denver was bookkeeper, R. T. Hart directed shipping, and Will Dennison handled the burdensome task of

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Left to Right:  James Dunivan, Andrew Grice, Jr., Leroy Williams, Jack Pruitt, Delton Williams

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