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United Grocery Company
Our 50th Year, 1905-1955

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loading and unloading merchandise, with the capable assistance of two colored helpers, Bill and John Taylor.

With the World War came market and price fluctuations which were reflected in the wholesale grocery business, but the level of prosperity was so well maintained that a number of the younger members of the Enochs-Edenton firm felt that an additional wholesale outlet was needed to satisfy the growing demand.  In 1917, W. C. Fanning, R. T. Hart and W. W. Hay, who had become bookkeeper on the death of Mr. Denver in 1911, withdrew from Enochs-Edenton and joined with others to form the Fanning-Hart-Hay Company with W. C. Fanning, President, T. Edwards, Vice-President, R. T. Hart, 2nd Vice-President, and W. W. Hay, Secretary-Treasurer and Manager.  The Directors of the new company included T. B. Autry, R. A. Lewis, W. C. Fanning, J. H. Fanning, R. T. Hart, M. B. Hart, W. G. Walker, G. W. Priddy and W. W. Hay.

The Enochs-Edenton Company and the Fanning-Hart-Hay Company merged in 1918 as United Grocery Company, a name that was to become synonymous with wholesale grocery distribution in north and eastern West Tennessee.  Since that time, despite depression, recession and war, the United Grocery Company has steadily moved forward, until it now occupies a preeminent position among similar firms throughout the state.

Many young men and women have received their business.

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Left to Right:  Hugo Turrentine, Stanley Bartholomew, R. C. Veteto, Frank Bedwell, Elmer Middleton, Tony Adams, Clarence Cathey, Oscar L. York

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