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United Grocery Company
Our 50th Year, 1905-1955

from the collection of Brenda Fiddler

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training and experience in the offices of United Grocery, leaving only to undertake the responsibilities of family life.  Miss Kitty Bunch joined the organization in 1918, and has become an increasingly valuable member of the executive force.  Some years later, Miss Norma Coffey, now Mrs. J. T. Stewart, was employed as stenographer as the details of running the company became more and more complex with the influx of new orders from all over the territory.  Later Miss Coffey resigned, and was succeeded by Miss Lois Norris.  Among the present residents of Lexington who have been employed by United at one time or another are Mrs. Loyce Davis, Mrs. D. L. Weatherly and Mrs. R. D. Helms.

After directing the company for 28 years, during the period of its greatest expansion, W. W. Hay retired from active participation in the business because of poor health, and was succeeded by his brother, E. A. Hay, who served ably until his death in 1948.  At this time, V. H. Hay became manager and continued as such until his unfortunate death in 1950.  In the office at the present time are J. E. Edenton, Jr., son of one of the founders, and President of the corporation; Jack Hay, son of V. H. Hay, who was elected Vice-President and General Manger in 1950, Miss Kitty Bunch, who is still rendering faithful service as Treasurer, W. C. Fanning, the last living member of the original group of incorporators, continuing in harness as Vice-President, C. L. Fitch, Secretary and Herman Nichols, Bookkeeper.  The

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Left to Right:  Erbie Daws, Billy Williams, Guy Goff, Mechanic, James Dunivan

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