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United Grocery Company
Our 50th Year, 1905-1955

from the collection of Brenda Fiddler

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original sales force has grown from one to seven:  F. B. Adcock, E. D. Seaton, Joe Shelton, Glen Douglas, Paul Kennedy, Truman Lewis, Jr., who replaced Sam R. Hay upon his resignation in April of this year, and Jack Hay, who combines the post of Lexington city salesman with his managerial duties.  Shipping clerks are Erbie Daws, Billy Williams and Leon Gilliam.

As the company grew, it became evident that one house along could not serve the thriving area, and the branch offices were established in Paris and Bruceton.  As time passed, communications became simpler, and dirt and gravel roads were replaced with a network of excellent highways, thereby making easier the transportation of goods over long distances.  The Bruceton office was closed, since it was seen that the Lexington and Paris Houses could serve the same area with equal efficiency.  This streamlining proved so effective in 1953 the Company consolidated the Paris and Lexington offices into one central operation at Lexington, the birthplace of the organization, and long its hub and center.  At present United retains two Paris salesmen, Joe Shelton and Glen Douglas, in order to insure adequate coverage of that district.

And so, briefly, has run the history of the United Grocery Company through fifty years of changing times and shifting tides from the day when the idea was born among men who had confidence in the future and in themselves.  The story of United is a story of free enterprise and what it can accomplish,

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(Health & Beauty Aid Division)

Left to Right:  Truman Lewis, Jr., Manager, Crawford Chambers, Salesman, Thetus Barker

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