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Yesterday's Tennessee

Priscilla Stanford

Priscilla Stanford is a local artist living in Lexington, Tennessee.  Priscilla's father, Forrest Cowan was a forest ranger at Natchez Trace State Park.  Her husband, Michael, worked at the Natchez Trace State Park in 1955 at age 19.  Thanks to Priscilla and Michael for sharing several items with this web site.  Priscilla also provided pen and ink drawings of Lexington High School for the 1994 Senior Class Exhibit.

These images are scanned from note cards printed by Priscilla Stanford from her original pen and ink drawings.  This material is copyrighted © by Priscilla Stanford and should not be reproduced without her permission.  Publication of these images on this site should not be construed as giving permission to reproduce them in any other manner.

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