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MOORE FARM (Swindle Creek)


From Carroll Van West, Tennessee Agriculture: A Century Farms Perspective (Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Nashville, December 1986), p. 190.


1986 Owner: Mrs. Iris Moore (Roy) Culp
Route 4, Linden

John G. Moore purchased 26 acres in 1872 and established the Moore family farm along Swindle Creek, eight miles southwest of Linden. Moore planted corn and peanuts and raised livestock. Although little is known about the history of his farm, John made enough money to expand the farm's boundaries by an additional 224 acres. In 1907, the founder's 230 acres passed to his son Wesley. According to the family, Wesley planted his "first crop at the age of eight" and remained a farmer all of his life, never leaving the land for "more than three days at a time."
Wesley's wife was Myrtle Kimble and they raised one daughter Iris Moore, who later married Roy Culp. Iris and Roy inherited a farm of 250 acres in 1969. Their present farm products are corn, soybeans, swine and cattle.

The photographs below were made in April and May 1999.

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