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The following photographs were taken in April 1999 along U.S. 412 west of Linden in the Cypress Creek valley.

This house is in a traditional double-pen dogtrot style. Beneath more modern board siding is
a log structure. The house was owned by the late Egbert and Martha Lillian Marvin.

Surviving log barn.

This is the Maurine Allen house. Maurine was a school teacher who never married. The
house was built by her parents.

Ruins of the Pope School.

The Kunkel or Kelly cemetery overlooking U.S. 412.

The William Ward house is now much modified. During the time of its former owners
the house was a dogtrot structure like the Marvin house shown above. The core of
the house probably is a double -pen log structure.

Conder's Garage

For the last 70 years the Howard house has been a landmark for eastbound
traffic crossing the Alvin C. York bridge

Howard United Methodist Church

The Alvin C. York bridge, looking west.

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