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Yesterday's Tennessee


Gen. Marcus J. Wright


Many years absence from my native county failed to diminish my interest in the old land, and in those I had known in my boyhood. A brief visit there a few years since, revived old memories, awakened interest never lost - but only suspended - and determined me at no distant day to put in print some sketches of the pioneers of McNairy county.

This work would have been impossible, but for the kindly aid which I here acknowledge to have received from Hon. James Warren, Major S. L. Warren, Mrs. Celia Wisdom, Hon. John H. Meeks, Thad. L. Adams, Mrs. Mattie Adams, Miss Flora Shull, Col. Dew M. Wisdom, Mrs. Jennie S. Perkins, and many others. I am specially indebted to Hon. James Warren, who has taken a lively interest in the work and made my duty more that of a compiler than an author.

There are, no doubt, many names not mentioned in this book which deserve a place there. No one will regret this more than myself. I was kindly aided by the newspapers in Purdy and by many friends, in giving notice that I desired information about every one of the old families of the county. If any have failed to send information to me, who could have done so, the fault is not mine, and no one regrets it more than I do.

The little book, such as it is, written con amore, is given to its readers with the hope that it may revive and increase the growing interest now manifested for preserving our local history.

Washington City, March, 1882.

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