yesterday's tennessee

Yesterday's Tennessee


from the photograph collection of Patty Lee (Miller) Parham


W. S. Pitts


Ettie Mae "Patty" (Sheard) Robinson


Mary Lula Jones Lowrey


Elsie Johnson and Jessie Trice



Billy Frank Dabbs



Elsie Johnson and Step-Granson
Leon Johnson

Lona Bell and Aunt Lou



J. C. and J. W.

Terry Kizer and Annie Louise Pitts


Leonard and Lela Thurman



Nancy (Nan) Crim


This photograph was made in Pontiac, Michigan. She was from Wayne and Decatur Counties



D. J. Robinson



Mary Lou (Montague) Pitts

Charles Johnson ("Trouble")



Photographs from the Collection of Patty (Miller) Parham

Campbell Family Photographs
Wesley Dabbs and Viola Kathryn (Pitts) Dabbs
O. C. and Lena Buckley Miller
Montgomery High School Photographs
Nathaniel Parham, Jr. and Patty Lee (Miller) Parham
Miscellaneous Photographs

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