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Scotts Hill High School

Scotts Hill High School grew out of the efforts by B. A. Tucker to establish a leading educational program at Scotts Hill College.  The first four year high school class graduated from Scotts Hill High School on March 29, 1929 with Perry Murphy as principal.

This page is intended to feature information related to Scotts Hill High School.  If you have pictures, newspaper articles, yearbooks or other material related to Scotts Hill High School that you would like to share via this web site, please contact me.  We also need any Scotts Hill High School historical information.

Thanks to Sheila Adkisson Cox for transcribing the graduate index and for scanning the pictures of the graduating classes.

Attention: Graduates or Descendants of Graduates of Scotts Hill High School


A DVD containing the composite pictures of graduates of Scotts Hill High School from 1930 - 2011 are now available for purchase. Check here for ordering details.





Classes and Reunions


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