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B. B. Keeton, Dunbar Store - 1949

from the collection of Don Keeton

B. B. Keeton

B. B. Keeton, Dunbar Store, 1949

This picture was taken inside the new, cinder block store building that stands across the road from the old log building.

How the picture happened to be made was that the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco salesman came by while Daddy was across the road helping kill hogs that day. He had on his old, well worn and patched overalls for the occasion. The salesman came over where the hogs were being slaughtered and told Daddy he needed to get in the store and set up his Prince Albert tobacco display and he wanted Daddy's picture with the display. Daddy told the salesman he couldn't stop what he was doing to go and get a picture made. He gave the store key to the salesman and told him to go and do what he needed to do.

Shortly the salesman was back outside insisting that he needed to get a picture of Daddy with the display. Daddy was finally persuaded and said he would go and change clothes but the salesman said he didn't have time for that--he wanted to take a picture just as he was. Hence the picture of Daddy in his ragged and bloody overalls. Apparently, the picture was widely circulated at the time and Daddy seemed to enjoy his moment of fame.

 - Don Keeton

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