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Clippings from a scrapbook owned by Ethelyn Lockwood Byrn

Harding plant's intricate work amazes ‘touring' Rotary club

Lexington Progress
Date Unknown

MEMBERS OF THE Lexington Rotary C1ub visiting Harding. Machine Screw Co. plant last week,
found many operations necessary for production of carburetor parts. Russ Lockwood examines the
"degreasing" machine which removes lubricants from finished parts.

RIGID INSPECTIONS await every finished part at Harding.
At the inspection table are Mrs. Reba Booth, Mrs. Dorothy Hinson,
Mrs. Joy Pratt and Charles Galbreath.

Respect Your Carburetor!....

Lexington Progress
Date Unknown

We now join those auto mechanics who for years have advised motorists to "respect your carburetor."

A tour of the new Harding Machine Screw Co. plant last week built up a heavier respect for this little item, without which you'd be getting that exercise you need.

Tiny screws, and 1arger ones, too, are finished and inspected to the 'nth' degree, because if they're faulty or a little off, your car just won't get going.

So respect the tiny parts of your auto a little more — they're mighty important.

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