Family Reunion at Hinson Springs - 1931

from the collection of Bill Jones

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1. Lillian Dickson Blankenship. wife of Alvin 2. Alvin Uliss Blankenship. son of Eliss 3. Jesse John Cozart son of Sam Cozart and husband of Jewel Jones 4. Jewel Jones Cozart wife of John Cozart and daughter of Martin Luther Jones 5. Mary Elta Jones daughter of Martin Luther Jones, married Jess Lancaster 6. Bonne Mae Patton Blankenship daughter of Eliss. 7. Butaw Middleton Blankenship 8. Una Estella Howell Blankenship wife of Eliss 9. Ruth Elois Jones daughter of Martin Luther Jones. 10. Martin Luther Jones son of Jobe Jones 11. Frank Neisler 12. Erb Reed 13. Otis Jones son of Martin Luther Jones married Exie Cox. 14. Exie Cox Jones wife of Otis Jones. 15. Gertha Blankenship 16. Naomi Reeves Jones dau of Martin Luther Jopnes married Paul Reeves 17. Opal Reed 18. Loretta Neisler 19. Pauline Hays Jones dau of Martin Luther Jones married Ray Hays 20. Samantha Hart Blankenship mother of Eliss 21. Albert Eugene Blankenship son of Eliss 22. Fereal Eliss Blankenship 23. Ledell Blankenship Jones wife of Martin Luther Jones 24. Frank Neisler, Jr. 25. Evie Blankenship Neisler wife of Frank Neisler 26. Velt Blankenship Reed wife of Erb Reed. 27. Wilbur Ray Jones son of Martin Luther Jones and husband of Ruie Emiline Jowers (my parents) 28. Wilbur Lanoice Jones son of Wilbur Ray. Married LaRue Coffman. 29. Ruie Jowers Jones wife of Wilbur Ray and of Rev. Tom Jowers. 30. Erby Reed 31. Johnny James Blankenship son of Eliss 32. Hugh Edward Blankenship son of Eliss 33. M.L. Jones, jr son of Martin Luther. Married Kathryn Wyatt. 34. Thomas Reed 35. ? Reed 36. ? Reed

History of Hinson Springs

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