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Imogene Oakley's Scrapbook - BIRTHS

The following miscellaneous newspaper clippings and other items were found in a scrapbook compiled by the Imogene Oakley. Sources for the newspaper clippings are not given identifiable sources are The Lexington Republican, the Lexington Progress, and the Jackson Sun. Handwritten dates in the scrapbook for the most part seem to be the date of the event being mentioned and not the date of publication. The scrapbook is now owned by Brenda Kirk Fiddler.

Jan. 12, 1932

Born to William Deere and wife, nee Miss Laura Mae Graves, of Warrens Bluff Tuesday afternoon their first child, a son, who tipped the beam at 101/2 pounds. The mother and babe are doing well and William is sitting on top of the world. Esq. J. A. Deere is a happy, dignified grand-dad. May the little man have the combined good senseand grace of both mother and father.

May 27, 1932

Mr. and Mrs. John Hinson are the parents of a son born May 27 at the Webb-Williamson Hospital, Jackson. Both mother and babe are doing well, and "Papa John" and "Grand-pap Lon" are behaving as well a possible under the circumstances.
[Imogene Oakley wrote a note that they married Sept. 30, 1931]

Nov. 7, 1933

Mr. and Mrs. Connie Howell announce the birth of a daughter on Tuesday, November 7, who at the present has not been named.

April 3, 1935

Handwritten note: "Born to Ruth & Ray Boggan April 3, 1935 a baby girl."

June 12, 1935


Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. Laurent Johnson, Lambuth College, a girl at Webb-Williamson Hospital June 12. The baby has not been named.

Sept. 15, 1935

Monday morning brought the news from Memphis that a baby boy had been born to Mr. and Mrs. Thoburn Holmes, thereby promoting Pastor Fleetwood Ball, of Lexiagton's First Baptist Church to the honorable estate of grandfather, and noting the event of the first boy baby to the Melton and Ball families and making Mrs. Vesta Melton a greatgrandmother Mrs. Melton's children, Myrtle, Flossie (deceased wife of Rev. Fleetwood Ball) and Eunice, all girls, and Flossie's children, Mary (Mrs. Holmes), "Bill," "Bits" and Martha Joe, four more girls, and J. T. Holmes, Jr, is a very welcome permanent addition — and we can add that Mother Mary Elizabeth is one of the brightest and best loved girls that Lexington had furnished to the world in her particular generation.

April 30, 1941

Born to Mr. and Mrs. John W. Dodd, in the Fitts-White clinic, in Jackson, Thursday night of last week, an 8-pound girl, who will carry the name of Kay Nelle. Mr. and Mrs. Dodd are being warmly congratulated by their many friends.

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