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Yesterday's Tennessee

The First Decades of A New County
Uneasy Tranquility: 1850-1860
Lost Tranquility: 1861-1865
Road to Recovery: 1866-1890
Period of Enthusiasm: 1890-1920
Post World War I
World War II to Present
Miscellaneous Pictures
Suggested Readings
About the Author

Miscellaneous Pictures

G. Tillman Stewart

These are miscellaneous pictures from the "World War II to Present" chapter of this book. Click on the thumbnail below to go to a larger image.

Photo Number 1

Joe E. Hopper

Photo Number 2

J. T. Todd
Herbie Garner
W. M. Goff

Photo Number 3

Hershal Hayes
Bobby Dyer
Carthel Smith
Denny Phillips

Photo Number 4

Robbie Wallace
E. L. Stewart
Elco Douglas
Danny Barker

Photo Number 5

Bill Shelby
Ira C. Powers
Danny Johnson
Charles "Dock" Woody

Photo Number 6

Sardis School
Scotts Hill School

Photo Number 7

Dr. Claude C. Bond

Photo Number 8

Janis Shelby

Photo Number 9

Joe E. Davis
E. W. Essary

Photo Number 10

Edward Bailey
William Martin
Pug Vickers, Jr.
Guy B. Amos

Photo Number 11

First National Bank

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