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The First Decades of A New County
Uneasy Tranquility: 1850-1860
Lost Tranquility: 1861-1865
Road to Recovery: 1866-1890
Period of Enthusiasm: 1890-1920
Post World War I
World War II to Present
Miscellaneous Pictures
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G. Tillman Stewart

From Henderson County by G. Tillman Stewart, Tennessee County History Series, Joy Bailey Dunn, Editor, Charles W. Crawford, Associate Editor, 1979, Memphis State University Press.  Thanks to G. Tillman Stewart's son George Stewart for granting permission to publish this book.

This history was written to meet the need for a current history of Henderson County. Three histories of the county have been previously published: the Goodspeed Publishing Company's volume in 1887, Bolen's Henderson County's History in 1922, and Auburn Power's History of Henderson County in 1930. Due to the burning of the Henderson County Courthouse and records in May of 1863, it has been difficult for all writers to compile a comprehensive history; however, creditable histories of the county have been written.

It is the intent of this author to present an accurate narrative of the origin and growth of Henderson County up to contemporary time. The usual pattern of modern historians to departmentalize information has been followed here; consequently, in this volume the events have been cited in chronological order, enabling the reader better to relate the times with the events. The author hopes that this volume will serve the needs of knowledge joy, and pleasure for its readers.

G. Tillman Stewart Lexington, Tennessee

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