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From the photograph collection of W. Clay Crook

This is Crook Bros. General Merchandise circa 1910. This building was erected before the Civil War by a different family.

Middlefork circa 1916. The store to the immediate left of the buggy is Crook Bros. General Merchandise. The buggy is sitting on what is now Hwy 22 A. The road between the Crook Store and the next building down is the Middlefork-Mifflin Road. The next store down is Arnold's Store. It was a two story building . . . a store and office for Dr. Arnold.

Ladies Group at Middlefork, Taken About 1920.

Partial View of Dr. Arnold's Store.
You can see the upper story window. This building was erected
before the Civil War.

Bailed Cotton.

Crook's Delinting and Seed Treatment Company (1970)

Crook's Half & Half Cotton (1916)

Special thanks go to W. Clay Crook for providing these photographs. W. Clay Crook lives in the Middlefork Community of Henderson County and is contact for Crook family genealogy in West Tennessee.

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