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People of Action - 1969

From Lillye Younger, People of Action (Brewer Printing Company, Jackson, Tennessee, n.d.).  Special thanks to Constance Collett and the estate of the late Lillye Younger for permission to make this web page.

James Rushing

Parsons Engineer Reaches His Goals

PARSONS, Tenn. — "Where there's a will, there's a way," has been proved by Jim Rushing, who holds two degrees in engineering.

Jim graduated from high school in 1960 and was named in the 1960 dean's list of outstanding graduates. He also received the Annual Math Award.

"From my first day in high school I wanted to be an engineer," the tall, dark-haired youth said.

After graduating from high school Rushing received the C. M. Gooch Foundation scholarship and entered University of Tennessee at Martin. He was a member of the university band, the Army R.O.T.C. band, Engineer Club and Wesley Foundation.

In 1961 he transferred to University of Tennessee at Knoxville where he participated in the co-operative engineering scholarship program.

"I attended college two quarters, summer and winter, and worked for the Aluminum Company of America in Alcoa, Tennessee in the spring and fall quarters.

To be eligible for this scholarship the student has to make application while in his freshman year of college and maintain a "B" average.

"My first work was in the drafting room," the young man said. A student taking advantage of this scholarship works seven quarters and does not have to work during the senior college year.

Through this method Rushing was able to finance around 70 per cent of his tuition and expenses.

"I feel like there are advantages and also disadvantages in the staggering method," he said. "The advantage is you don't wear yourself out studying and on the other hand the three months spent working gets you out of the habit of studying.

While a student at U-T Jim was very active in the extracurricular activities of the school. He was a member of the Independent Student Association, Social Committee and co-chairman of Public Relations and Promotions. He served as president of the Campus Executive Club and was a student member of American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Later he changed to the Institute of Electrical and Electronic engineers.

The reward of his toil and labor was realized on Aug. 26, 1965, when he received his B.S. degree in electrical engineering.

Following this achievement he served as instructor in the Department of Basic Engineering and Graphics at U.T.

Last June he received his B.S. degree in mechanical engineering.

His advise to the graduates who are headed for an engineering career is to have a good backing in Math and Science in high school. Also to be prepared to put in much hard work and not to become discouraged.

"There are times when you can become very discouraged," he said. "Only one out of every seven students majoring in engineering finish the course at U.T.," he said

He is presently employed as staff engineer at the Aluminum Company of America, Alcoa, Tenn.

Recently he was certified as an engineer-in-training by the Tennessee State Board of Architectural and Engineering Examiners.

Besides his interest in engineering, Rushing has time for _____ affairs. He has served as Associate Advisor to Explorer Post 82 at Maryville, Tenn. and presently is serving as scout master of Boy Scouts of America Troop 82. He also is a Sunday School teacher.

Presently he is working on his master of science degree in industrial engineering, attending classes at night.

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rushing of Parsons, and is married to the former Katie Ann Frazier of Knoxville. They have one son,. James Timothy, seven months old.

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