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Yesterday's Tennessee
History of Sardis, TN

From Beulah Hanna and Carra Holland, History of Sardis, Tennessee, Sardis Homecoming '86 Committee, May 1986.


It would have been impossible to write this history without the use of many documents, records, papers and memoirs.

It is with grateful appreciation we acknowledge the following who helped to make this book possible.

Auburn Powers, History of Henderson County; Gordon Turner, History of Scotts Hill; Tillman Stewart, for information from his books and records, and for taking time to compile it, type it and send it to us; Sardis Weekly Times, 1897; Janet and Jimmy Presley, for printed information and pictures; Ann Little for Hardin County News 1932, Richard Holland for the photography work; and many others who searched their memory and gave much help.

Our thanks to Pat Pruett for typing this manuscript, and for information from a paper she had written in 1951 on the history of Sardis.

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