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History of Sardis, TN

From Beulah Hanna and Carra Holland, History of Sardis, Tennessee, Sardis Homecoming '86 Committee, May 1986.


These are people to whom we owe our appreciation because of the abundance of information that they gave so willingly to us. Because of this, the book will be more treasured.

Mr. Jack Little, age 78

Mr. Jack Little has lived most of his life in this town. He is the son of the late Mr. Charlie and Mrs. Maud Little. Jack has been a farmer and an employee of the Henderson County Highway Department. He worked in Michigan for a short time, but he said that he told his wife that was no way to live away from home and separated from his loved ones. So he came back to Sardis to stay. Jack's courage and patient endurance at this time, as he fights cancer, is an inspiration to all of us. He married Ruis Phillips and they have five children: Wayne, Jackie, Don, Jimmy Neal, Phillip, and Mrs. Mackie Lou White.

Mrs. Mallie McBride Corbitt, age 89

Mrs. Mallie Corbitt, wife of the late Jim Corbitt, is well known and loved in Sardis. She is a member of the Sardis Baptist Church. Mrs. Corbitt doesn't have any children. At age 89, she had the misfortune to break her right arm and she is now convalescing in the Lexington Manor, Lexington, Tennessee, where she is cheering up people instead of thinking of her broken arm.

Mrs. Lula Medlin, age 97

Mrs. Lula Moffett Medlin came to Sardis in 1914 when she married Mr. Joe Medlin. He died in 1962 and she continued to stay in her home as long as she was able to do so. During this time, after she was past eighty years of age, she continued to mow her yard. She attended services at the Sardis Baptist Church as long as her health permitted. She now lives with her daughter, Mrs. Mildred Presley and her husband, Glenn. Her other children are Roy and Thomas Ray.

Mr. Adam Dyer, age 85

Mr. Adam Dyer is a retired teacher and farmer and is a lifelong resident of the Sardis community. He is a member of the Sardis Church of Christ. He and his late wife, Artie, have five children: James Lee Dyer, Mrs. Louise Sanderson, Mrs. Nell Huff, Miss Edith Dyer (all of Sardis), and Mrs. Loretta Hutcherson of Nashville.

Mr. Ray Little, age 85

Mr. Ray Little is a lifelong resident of Sardis, the son of the late Mr. Charlie and Mrs. Maud Little. He has been a very versatile man -- a mail carrier, painter, carpenter, and operator of the telephone office. He married Flora McCauley and they had one son, Billy Ray, who died in 1964. He left three children: Bill, Beth, and Jackson.

Mr. Uli Presley, age 93

Mr. Presley is a lifelong resident of the Sardis community and a retired farmer. He married Miss Bertha Montgomery. They had four children: Mrs. Alene McCollum, Robert (deceased), Mrs. Linda Cromwell, and Mrs. Joyce McBride. They were Methodists. Mrs. Bertha died several years ago. After a few years, Mr. Presley married Mrs. Florence Scott and, until she suffered a stroke, they were active in both the church and community. Now, even at age 93, he is still faithful to attend church.

Mr. Frank Pierce, age 92

Mr. Frank Pierce grew up in Sardis, the son of Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Pierce, who were early settlers here. He married Willie Parker and, in later years, they moved to Lexington. He worked at Wright Furniture Company. They had three daughters: Mrs. Maxine Johnson, Mrs. Margaret Welborn, and Mrs. Rena Mae Clay.

Mr. Earl Story, age 84

Mr. Story is a retired farmer and carpenter and a lifelong resident of the Sardis community. The Storys are Methodist and attend regularly. He and his wife, Louise Tennery Story, had four children: Mrs. Jo Nell Hulley, Don Story, Mrs. Mary Lou Yates, and Nina Sue (Mary Lou's twin who died at age 10). A day or two after these twins were born, more than one hundred people came to see them. The doctor stopped visitors because the girls were so small. Mary Lou weighed two and one-half pounds and Nina Sue weighed four pounds. The Storys were only expecting one child so all the clothing was too large. Kind neighbors came in and made clothing to fit them.

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