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History of Sardis, TN

From Beulah Hanna and Carra Holland, History of Sardis, Tennessee, Sardis Homecoming '86 Committee, May 1986.


It has been most gratifying for us to have been commissioned by the 1986 Homecoming Executive Committee to write the History of Sardis. We have a rich heritage and we are glad to be a part of this effort to make it "come alive."

We appreciate the many older people in this community who have had such a wealth of knowledge to share with us. We have been made to realize how true this statement is: "When an old person dies, it's like a library burning down."

We, as amateurs, have tried to do our best, but we are afraid there are many interesting facts we failed to learn, many names that could have been included, and lots of interesting stories we failed to hear. We offer this History as a tribute to this town, to what it has been, for what it is, and for its future and all the potential it affords.

The 1986 Homecoming Committee is composed of Van and Dianne Carter, Billy Duck, Marecia Phillips, Clara Martin, Carolyn Moore, Beulah Hanna, Carra Nell Holland, Alleene Meadors, Edith Thurling, Leon Meek, Ron Boyd, Loyd McBride, John L. McPeake and Mary Goff, chairperson. They have been drawn together with one aim. That is to acquire land and equip it for a park and to promote our community as a good place to live, a good place to worship God, a good place to do business, and a good place to play.

Through fund raising events such as pancake breakfasts, bake sales, selling chances on Homecoming quilts, donations and barbecuing meat and selling it (the hogs were donated by interested farmers), we have already acquired the land for the park. Through cooperation of town officials and the Homecoming Committee, we have properly approved plans for construction of necessary equipment for the park. We truly appreciate our town officials. Both the previous mayor and our present mayor and the aldermen are working with the Homecoming Committee to achieve their goals as well as working to improve the town in other areas. Our present officials are Ron Boyd, mayor, and aldermen: Selma Goff, Gerald Roberts, Randy Brown, Danny Polk, and Richard Holland.

We hope the zeal and enthusiasm that has permeated this group will continue to grow until this whole community feels a sense of responsibility and couples that with unbounded enthusiasm to help in any way they can to promote this town of Sardis, Tennessee.

We hope that having worked together as a town and surrounding community on this 1986 Homecoming project, and having accomplished much beyond our goals, that we all will be challenged to continue to focus our efforts on improving the image of Sardis.

May these thoughts listed below serve as a reminder of the task ahead and that with the right spirit we can overcome any obstacle and accomplish our goals:

Beulah Hanna
Carra Holland

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