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Salant & Salant was founded in New York City in 1893 by Solomon Salant, a Russian emingrant.  This information is found on the web site Descendants of Solomon Salant - 5 Generations.

Salant & Salant began operations in the local area in 1933 with the opening of a shirt factory in Lexington, TN.  A shirt factory was opened in Parsons, TN on April 11, 1938.  By 1944, the Parsons operation included both a shirt factory and a pants factory.  During World War II, the plant had many government contracts and made uniforms for the military.  Growth continued through 1979 with more than 1000 workers employed at the Lexington and Parsons factories combined.

Both of these local factories are now closed and the Salant Corporation was acquired by Perry Ellis in June 2003.

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Salant & Salant Items Needed!

Please visit our new Salant & Salant section.  Wouldn't it be great to preserve more of the history of the local Salant & Salant operations?  We need your newspaper clippings, photographs and just good stories about the Salant and Salant factories that were formerly located in Lexington and Parsons.  We need much more material for this section of this web site.

If you can contribute to this effort in any way, please contact me.

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