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From Lillye Younger, The History of Decatur County Past and Present (Southhaven, MS: Carter Printing Company, 1978).
Special thanks to Constance Collett for permission to make these web pages.

In Memory of Lillye Washburn Younger 1912-1998.


Chapter XIV

William Stout and Wife

William Stout and his second wife, Rosetta V. Rains Stout.
They had one child who died in infancy.

In 1847 William Stout, then a lad of 22, left his home in Montrose, Scotland for the United States where in 1850 he married Jane Coats. They had ten children, six of whom lived to adulthood; William Frances, Thomas, Kathleen who married Sam Williams, a Methodist minister; Laura who married an attorney, Tobias Smith; Mary Ann who married Judge James A. England; and John H. (1858-1940) who married Sarah Reeder. They had three children, William Reeder (1880-1901), Nina Gertrude and James Wylie. John Stout operated a drug store until his death. For many years he was chairman of the Democratic Party in Decatur County.

John H. and Sarah Reeder Stout as they celebrated their
Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1929.

Nina Stout (1884-1972) was married to Dr. James Logan McMillan; a physician in New York, married Margaret Moore. Their three daughters are Mary, Sarah, and Lucia. For more than sixty years "Miss Nina" was pianist and organist in the Methodist Church, Decaturville, Tenn.

Prior to his becoming postmaster in 1934 James Wylie Stout (1886-1976) operated Decaturville Auto Company which he and James S. England owned in partnership. Wylie was married to Bess Smith, daughter of Joe and Maggie Garrett Smith. They became the parents of three children and James Wylie, Jr. and John Smith who both saw active duty in World War II. Jim retired from the Air Force after 20 years. John served in the Navy; the destroyer he was on was sunk by kamakaze just off Okinawa. John married Virginia Faye Laughead and is a recreation director for the City of Detroit. After the death of Bess Smith Stout, Wylie married Merle Snow of Paris.

John Wylie Stout 1886-1976

William Stout, son of David and Hellen Hill Stout, was born in Montrose County of Farfax,Scotland January 6,1825.

He immigrated to Perryville, Tennessee in 1847. He and Curry Pettigrew formed a partnership in the mercantile business at this important waterway port. He married Jane Coats in 1850. Ten children were born to this union. She died in 1876.

William moved to Decaturville in 1876, where he engaged in a variety of businesses. He married Rosette V. Rains in 1878. They had one son who died in infancy.

He retired in 1895 and died August 3, 1914.

William Francis Stout, son of William Stout and Jane Coats Stout was born in Perryville, Tennessee, September 2, 1854. He was a merchant at Perryville and Decaturville for many years.

He married Melaine Rhodes. They had seven children. Four reached adulthood. They were Anna May, who married Olbra Dickson, Edd Lewis maried Allie Tuck, Ray Neil married Lela Whitaker, Gertrude Faye married O. O. Thompson.

William Carey Stout, son of Ray Neil and Lela Whitaker Stout, was born in Decaturville, Tennessee, February 26, 1912. His mother, known as "Miss Lela" taught in the Decatur County School System for forty five years. His father, Roy Stout, was a farmer, carpenter, member of the County Court for many years and was Decatur County's first General Sessions Judge. He died July 15, 1963. Lela Stout died Thanksiving day 1970.

William Carey Stout married Karron Frances Cooper of Greenwood Mississippi. They had two daughters Beverly Jean Stout McNeilly, and Carolyn/Cooper Stout Larkins. A son, William Carey Stout Jr. died in infancy.

The couple have four grandchildren, Robee Renee McNeilly, William Whitaker McNeilly, Michael Carey Larkins and Benjamin/Cooper Larkins.

Mr. Stout was employed by the American Airlines for thirty seven years. He retired in 1975 and moved back to Decaturville on March 10, 1976.

Compiled by William Stout and wife.

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